Won Without Words
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Shari Popejoy

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The WORK of Marriage — Stretching Out (b)

When God said that the woman would experience ‘stretching out’, it was not only metaphorical, as in the stretching of our limits, and the need to reach out, grasp and hold onto our husband, but a literal and painful physica...
by Shari Popejoy


The WORK of Marriage, Part 5 (Expectations of Labor)

In exchange for the pain you endure, as you struggle to give that baby a chance to breathe and live, comes a sense of pride and accomplishment, knowing that you have earned the right to be the mother of that child. Just like I...
by Shari Popejoy

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Moore, OK; injoyinc.com

Moore Joy for Moore, OK

Remembering the families of Moore, OK today, and a way to join and help
by Shari Popejoy


The WORK of Marriage, Part 1 (The Romance of a Tandem)

Join me for a Tandem Tale, as I use a tandem bicycle as a metaphor to describe the reward and work of marriage. Oh, the romance of a bicycle built for two!
by Shari Popejoy


The Trail (and trials) of Tandem Tales

By now, you have probably figured out the symbolism between the tandem tales and marriage. On whatever trail you are in your marriage, you do not travel alone.
by Shari Popejoy


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30 Days to Lay Aside Weight; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

Get a FREE Download of 30 Days to Lay Aside Weight

Get your FREE download and join us on a journey to lay aside some emotional, spiritual, and physical weights as we focus on the One who bears our burdens.
by Shari Popejoy


The WORK of Marriage, Part 2 (The WORK of a Tandem)

The man who gave me our numbered tags and t-shirt, ‘If I signed my wife up for this ride, I’d be seeing a divorce attorney instead.” I smiled and made some polite reply, feeling sorry for this man who was married to such...
by Shari Popejoy



The WORK of Marriage, Part 3 (Expectations)

Many of the difficulties of marriage arise from different expectations, different abilities, different strengths, different desires, different motivations, and differences in our enjoyment of mutual endeavors.
by Shari Popejoy

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The Beauty of a Gentle and Quiet Spirit, Part 3

The power of gentleness, is the power to turn away wrath and replace it with peace.
by Shari Popejoy



The WORK of Marriage — Stretching Out (The Power of Pain) part f

Don’t avoid the pain of perfection! Status quo is easy. Average is effortless. Advancement and success is epic!
by Shari Popejoy



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