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Shari Popejoy

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47 More Days of Encouragement and Unfettered Feasting

Are you in that stage of life where you have to do everything yourself? Are you spiritual mother and father to your children? Well, it's not supposed to be that way. Dad is supposed to lead the family into church. Dad is suppos...
by Shari Popejoy


Countdown #17; Bonus To Get Back On Schedule!

Thought you might enjoy reading a blog post from last year of how I made Christmas more enjoyable one year!
by Shari Popejoy

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List – Crossed Off

Seriously, if I throw out the list of items that I want to accomplish for my own sense of perfection, then that frees me to do the things that will really make my family feel welcome in my home.
by Shari Popejoy


Countdown #29 & Saturday Grapevine; What Should I Get My Husband For Christmas?

The perfect gift for your husband -- a one of a kind, no exchanges, no returns, gift that keeps on giving!
by Shari Popejoy


Countdown #30; Deep Breath

Inhale slowly until your rib cage expands, and the way down deep recesses of your lungs fill with air. This time when you exhale release it -- whatever 'it' is. Stress, fear, worry, anxiety, conflict, unforgiveness, bitterness.
by Shari Popejoy


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Christmas Presence; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

Immanuel, A Christmas Presence

Have you ever experienced Immanuel? Here's how. Close your eyes . Take a deep breath. Let it out, and with the emptying of that breath, empty yourself of self -- thoughts of self, of the present, of now. And then -- instead of ...
by Shari Popejoy

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Are You Unequally Yoked?

Are you struggling in an unequally yoked marriage (whether emotional, physical, financial or spiritual)?
by Shari Popejoy



Countdown #18; Some Like It Hot!

After twenty-eight years, my meat and potato, plain vanilla kind of guy can still surprise me! Never thought I'd step inside that restaurant again with Marc! But there we sat giving each other adoring glances over curry and tur...
by Shari Popejoy

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Countdown #28; Warm Fuzzies

During the Christmas season, there are so many opportunities to share the Christmas Spirit with your husband. The Christmas season abounds with warm fuzzies. We share smiles and Christmas greetings with random strangers.
by Shari Popejoy



The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Have you been wondering what to get your husband for Christmas? Instead of buying him a tie or a drill or a sweater that will become next year's winner in the Ugly Sweater Contest. . . try something new this year! Celebrate the...
by Shari Popejoy



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