Won Without Words
winning the marriage you desire through wisdom

Shari Popejoy

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Feel Like Throwing In The Towel?

What to do when the day is already ruined. Ever have a day when nothing is going right? Where you can't even find the to-do list? Where getting dressed seems like it's going to be the biggest thing you accomplish? So, if your d...
by Shari Popejoy


Countdown #25; Did You Notice?

And when your husband comes home to a messy house, make sure that he comes home to an adorable and sweet wife, who welcomes him with a hug and a perfectly sweet smile of respect and adoration.
by Shari Popejoy

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Countdown #26; Like Fingernails On A Chalkboard

Wow. A critical tongue. What a harsh and dissonant sound it makes. It's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.
by Shari Popejoy


Countdown #27; More Ways To Share CHRISTmas With Your Husband

Even if your husband is ambivalent about God, or has no interest in attending church with you, here are some ways that you can share CHRISTmas in your home, and with your husband and family this Christmas season. It's the best ...
by Shari Popejoy


Christmas Gift Certificates for Your Husband

Why don't you give him something that is incredibly valuable and rare? Give him a gift that includes BOTH treasures: the things he never asks for but always wants, and the things he always asks for and never gets enough!
by Shari Popejoy


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Countdown #28; Warm Fuzzies

During the Christmas season, there are so many opportunities to share the Christmas Spirit with your husband. The Christmas season abounds with warm fuzzies. We share smiles and Christmas greetings with random strangers.
by Shari Popejoy


Countdown #29 & Saturday Grapevine; What Should I Get My Husband For Christmas?

The perfect gift for your husband -- a one of a kind, no exchanges, no returns, gift that keeps on giving!
by Shari Popejoy



Countdown #30; Deep Breath

Inhale slowly until your rib cage expands, and the way down deep recesses of your lungs fill with air. This time when you exhale release it -- whatever 'it' is. Stress, fear, worry, anxiety, conflict, unforgiveness, bitterness.
by Shari Popejoy

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Are You Unequally Yoked?

Are you struggling in an unequally yoked marriage (whether emotional, physical, financial or spiritual)?
by Shari Popejoy


Last of the Snow

Simplifying CHRISTmas

It's a wonderful life -- and it's your life. Write down a perfect Christmas season of celebration, and then make it come to pass. No one is holding you hostage! Do only what will bring you, or others, joy this Christmas. I giv...
by Shari Popejoy



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