Won Without Words
winning the marriage you desire through wisdom

Shari Popejoy

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The Beauty of A Gentle and Quiet Spirit, part 1

how do we allow for the liberty and freedom that Christ teaches, the creative beauty of individual personality that God created and ordained, the equality of the sexes granted by the laws of the land, recognizing differences in...
by Shari Popejoy


Respect Undeserved

Your husband might not deserve your respect, but he is entitled to it. He might not have earned your respect, but he retains the position of authority nonetheless. If you want to obey God, then you will treat your husband wit...
by Shari Popejoy

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Can You Beat A Roadrunner?

So what did you do on your last anniversary? At the very least, you should go out to dinner, go dancing, exchange gifts, and then steam up the windows on the way home! If not, you're no better than a roadrunner either!
by Shari Popejoy

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How To Avoid The #1 Cause Of Divorce

What is the #1 cause of divorce? Well, studies might claim that it is finances, or children with disabilities, or irreconcilable differences, or adultery, or abuse, or addiction, but I am convinced that all divorces are the res...
by Shari Popejoy


First Chapter of ‘Won Without Words’

Free read of first chapter of 'Won Without Words' by Shari Popejoy
by Shari Popejoy


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Love The Completion Of The Work In Progress

Do not allow your efforts to become futile by being distracted by the truth of today. See things through faith as they will become, and love in advance the completion and not the work in progress.
by Shari Popejoy


Don’t Do As I Do

In my zeal to do everything perfectly that day, I had missed an opportunity to be something very important at that moment -- his fun, witty, loving wife.
by Shari Popejoy



Our Past Experiences Color Our Present Perceptions

And what we perceive might not even be correct or true,. . . but we believe it to be true. . . and then it becomes reality to us.. . . and yet it is not true. . . which makes it a lie. Just because we believe something to be t...
by Shari Popejoy

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The Trail (and trials) of Tandem Tales

By now, you have probably figured out the symbolism between the tandem tales and marriage. On whatever trail you are in your marriage, you do not travel alone.
by Shari Popejoy



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by Shari Popejoy



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