Won Without Words
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Shari Popejoy

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Tip #16 “Me Jane. You . . Right.”

And be sure to schedule a rematch -- later -- if you still need to. After you've had time to cool down and reflect, you might be amazed at your new perspective -- you might decide to skip the sparring altogether and hit the ma...
by Shari Popejoy

Mary had a little lamb Easter Story; blog.wonwithoutwords.com

Mary Had A Little Lamb

Hope your day is blessed with new beginnings, redemptive resurrections, and tombs empty of tears and despair.
by Shari Popejoy

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by Shari Popejoy

by Shari Popejoy


Follow Your Heart

Even though we can all agree that a diet consisting solely of chocolate cake is not sublime in the end. . . we don't have the wisdom or experience to know everything. . .about marriage and our lives. . . or even about the plan...
by Shari Popejoy


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Lord’s Day Devotional; Eye Hath Not Seen

There is hope for you in whatever despair you face. Hold on to hope. Do not delay in releasing the voice of hope, to cry out in faith, for help from your Creator --the one who painted the sunrise, who clothes the lilies, who ...
by Shari Popejoy


Growing In The Shadow Of The Curse

You have much to offer, there is much to birth in you, there is a bountiful harvest of beauty within your tender stems, just waiting to blossom in fragrance and delicate beauteous bloom.
by Shari Popejoy



Lord’s Day Devotional and Bible Study; What Is Love?

Have a blessed Lord's Day, and walk in love today. Of the three, faith, hope and love, the greatest is love (1 Corinthians 13:13).
by Shari Popejoy

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Don’t Gamble With Your Most Valuable Treasures

You want a husband who does the right thing because it's the right thing to do, . . . because he has become a righteous man. And that might take some time.
by Shari Popejoy



Tip #53 How to Avoid the #1 Cause of Divorce

You've heard the phrase, "Follow your heart" as an excuse to do what makes you happy. I say, follow your heart. . . to the heart of God, and find out what He says. . . that alone will bring fulfillment, peace, happiness and co...
by Shari Popejoy



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