Won Without Words
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Shari Popejoy

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Turning 30, My First Mid-Life Crisis (part 1)

Having a crisis when you are approaching a certain age - especially one with a zero at the end, can trigger all kinds of emotions. Approaching the age of 50 is really not that different from approaching 30.
by Cheryl Oberdieck


Turning 30, My First Mid-Life Crisis (part 2)

It is often in crisis when we are most keenly aware of God's great provisions.
by Cheryl Oberdieck

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Sibling Rivalry: See How They Love One Another!

My two oldest kids have always been the fiercest of competitors, and since I homeschooled them together in many subjects, it actually served both of them well academically. However the rivalry started off early and was not alwa...
by Cheryl Oberdieck

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Cool Mom’s Day Off

Truth be told, some days mom is not even close to calm, cool and collected and is ready to hand the job over.
by Cheryl Oberdieck


Laundry, What a Dirty Word?

"Vocation is played out not just in extraordinary acts -- the great things we will do for the Lord, the great success we envision in our careers someday -- but in the realm of the ordinary." -- Gene Edward Veith
by Cheryl Oberdieck


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My Throwback Thursday Odyssey

As I go through my own little "Throwback Thursday" moments here, I hope to remind (if no one but myself) that we survive by God's grace alone.
by Cheryl Oberdieck


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