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Gift Ideas For the Hard to Buy For Husband

Need some great gift ideas for your hard-to-buy-for husband?

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Making CHRISTmas Meaningful

Some of my favorite CHRISTmas posts!

Free download of The Livingstone Library; sharipopejoy.com Free Stuff

Free Christmas Download from The Livingstone Library

Join the Livingstones for a CHRISTmas mystery that involves ancient scrolls, prophecies, and echoing whispers in the old abbey.

music score s 50 Days of Encouragement

How To Orchestrate CHRISTmas

Wave your baton and weave a tapestry of warmth and welcome in your home. Create soothing sounds of a symphony of celebration. Wrap your world in harmonious tones of a happy home. Forget the clamor, discord and dissonant sounds that compete for your attention, and choose a song that lifts you all from the humdrum and inharmonious.

Last of the Snow 50 Days of Encouragement

Simplifying CHRISTmas

It’s a wonderful life — and it’s your life. Write down a perfect Christmas season of celebration, and then make it come to pass. No one is holding you hostage! Do only what will bring you, or others, joy this Christmas. I give you permission. Try it this year.


100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Expose The Deeds Of Darkness

Posted  May 19, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Do you live with the shame of a deep dark secret? Is it just a little whitish secret that you fear will come out and embarrass you? Or is it another person’s deed of darkness? Is it something that makes you secretly ashamed of the man you are supposed to honor and respect? Is the hypocrisy of it all eating away at you like a festering sore?

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50 Days of Encouragement

50 Days of Encouragement For Wives

Posted  November 13, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

He really does love you. And you really do love him. Life is too short to not embrace every opportunity to express that love to each other. So, go embrace the moment and the man!

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Lord’s Day Devotional; “Braveheart”

Posted  April 1, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

You are one flesh. When he is weak, you be strong. When he is in despair, you be the encourager. When he is fighting temptation, you stand strong in the face of attack. When he is assaulted by the evil in this world, you hold up the shield of faith, and defend your position, until he catches his breath and becomes conqueror again.

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The Beauty of A Gentle and Quiet Spirit, part 1

Posted  December 30, 2010  by  Shari Popejoy

how do we allow for the liberty and freedom that Christ teaches, the creative beauty of individual personality that God created and ordained, the equality of the sexes granted by the laws of the land, recognizing differences in natural temperament, while living within and influenced by current cultural norms (which, have you noticed, change from time to time)?

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100 Days To My Anniversary 2012

Lord’s Day Devotional; Sweet Beulah Land

Posted  May 20, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Claim Beulah for your marriage. Write it above the doorposts of your bedroom. Sprinkle it like perfume upon your bedclothes. Anoint yourself with the promise of Beulah so that you are beautiful, desired, attractive, alluring, with the fragrance of regeneration and sanctification and forgiveness on your life.

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100 Days to My Anniversary

Cup Of Morning Warmth

Posted  February 9, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

Do you like to add a moment of heart warmth to that brief respite? Do you like to meditate on wisdom or words of encouragement while you’re breathing in your morning warmth?

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30 Days to Intimacy; perfect work

Day 17: Will My Marriage Problems Work Themselves Out?

Posted  April 10, 2013  by  Shari Popejoy

If the massaging of marriage is hitting some knotted muscles—good! Let go, relax, and let patience have its perfect work of soothing our deepest aches.

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Stay Connected

Featured Blog!

Posted  July 12, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

My new friend, Esther, at Our Simple Country Life, has graciously featured my post, Consider A Field from the Proverbs 31 For The Average Woman today! You will love her darling blog; if you go visit, say hello for me! And, I started a Facebook page for Won Without Words. Help me feel loved, by […]

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Crying Over Spilled Milk

Posted  January 10, 2012  by  Shari Popejoy

If you’ve yelled at your children lately, don’t take it too hard. It happens, just like spilled milk — that unexpected capsizing, that gush of guilt, that dribbling of destructive words, rivulets of rage. You’ll mature just like your children will.

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Proverbs 31 for the Average Woman

P31 Post 14: Maybe You’re A Proverbs 31 Woman After All!

Posted  July 1, 2011  by  Shari Popejoy

Inspired by the simple things the Proverbs 31 Woman does to beautify her home, Pam shares this tip about how she made draperies for her home from some free fabric she was blessed to receive.

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