A re-post from The Work of Marriage Series (because I’m riding the tandem with Marc today!)

Les Bourgeois Restaurant

Les Borgeous Restaurant overlooking the Missouri River at Rocheport

Join me for a Tandem Tale, as I use a tandem bicycle as a metaphor to describe the reward and work of marriage. A picture is worth a thousand words! I hope you enjoy the view from my bike as you read ‘The Romance of the Tandem’.

It was a perfect fall day in the Ozarks. Leaves of every hue rustled in the trees that crowded along the bluffs for their share of the view of the Missouri River as it patiently plodded toward the Mighty Mississip.

The birds were singing, the water lapped along the banks, and the crisp fall temperatures were warmed by the embrace of the sun creating a perfect climate for a bicycle ride on the Katy Trail. The Katy Trail is a two hundred twenty five mile section of reclaimed Missouri Kansas Texas Railroad trail that cuts through the middle of Missouri, hugging the Missouri River for many miles.

While other wives trailed behind their husbands, pedaling furiously, panting for breath as they tried to keep up, I tilted my head back, closed my eyes and breathed in the beauty of a perfect Missouri autumn. I didn’t have to steer, or shift gears, and if my pedals weren’t connected to his, I wouldn’t even have to pedal on this tandem bicycle that my husband had given me for my birthday the year before.

Now, a year later, after spending every nice Saturday since, riding together, we were celebrating another birthday on the tandem, with a fifty-mile ride on the Katy Trial. Midway through our ride, we parked the bike, and hiked up a rocky trail to a high bluff surrounded on one side by a vineyard, on the other by a colorful canopy of autumn leaves perched over the rolling waters of the Missouri River.

As the first guests of the day at Les Bourgeois Restaurant, we had our choice of tables, and were seated at a window that had a full view of the cornucopia of color of the trees and the river. Spinach, Boston Bibb lettuce, slow roasted grapes, toasted walnut brittle, gorgonzola cheese, riverboat red balsamic vinaigrette – that sounds a lot better than saying we ate a salad, accompanied by a fantastic sandwich on home-made focaccia, with locally made goat cheese.

And for dessert, Chocolate Nemesis Cake, a flourless dark chocolate cake with strawberry balsamic gelato, warm balsamic glazed strawberries and pistachio whipped creme fraiche. Yum!

Every sense was treated to a scrumptious feast, a sumptuous banquet for the senses, complete with a glass of sparkling grape juice made from the grapes of the vineyard just over our shoulder. We dined, surrounded by beauty and elegance, welcomed with grace in the elegant dining room, comfortable in our riding clothes – the best of both worlds.

After lunch, we strolled hand in hand through the vineyard, hiked back down the mountainside, and mounted the tandem to pedal in perfect unison as we admired the countryside, pointing out a bluff or a bird, or an interesting cloud formation, as we completed our fifty-mile trek. Oh, the romance of a bicycle built for two!

But it’s not always romance –sometimes it’s a lot of WORK!


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