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June 24, 2011

P31 Post 9: She Bringeth Blueberries From Afar

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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Hey you Special Lady! Thank you for joining me for today’s quality of the Proverbs 31 For The Average Woman. It’s another easy one that any old average woman can do — er– I really need to just remove that word from my list of usable adjectives!! But, honestly, this is so easy that my daughters could do this when they were toddlers!

She is like the merchant’s ships; she bringeth her food from afar. Proverbs 31:14

Original Hebrew: cachar. . . oniyah. . . bow’. . . lechem. . . merchaq

Translation: trader/to do business with. . . ship/transport from other locale. . . to attain. . . food. . . distant place/somewhere else

Well, if over the river creek and through the woods counts as afar, then I can cross this Proverbs 31 Woman quality off my ‘list‘ today,

And that’s also one reason why I’m kinda late in posting today — oops! I enjoyed one of the special traditions that I look forward to each year, as I leave the house soon after sunrise, and spend the quiet early morning hours picking sweet luscious blueberries while listening to the birds sing, watching the purple martins swoop, and keeping company with the Jersey cow with an occasional howdy-do from the raucous guineas. *big sigh of deep contentment. . .*

This morning, I had the special pleasure of sandwiching my blueberry picking time in between a lightening storm, a rainbow sky, and a Mennonite produce auction!

My daughters and I have enjoyed this annual outing since the days I had to pack a stroller and sippy cups, and they’ve grown up helping me savor the time in June when we pack every plump berry we can into our freezer to enjoy all winter — and some extra to share with family who might not have the opportunity to pick their own. . . I feel majorly sorry they don’t get the fun of picking, to add to the enjoyment of eating them. . .

Too bad if I don’t have time in June to pick. Too bad if I forget until August that I wanted some fresh blueberries. Too bad if February rolls around and I didn’t plan ahead and pick enough blueberries. . . because by then it’s too late. If I want the pleasure of an economical supply of blueberries all year long, then I must make the effort to go and gather that food from those who trade in blueberries, carry them home from a distant place, and preserve them for later.

It’s so easy, and so fun, and it is a special memory that I share with my daughters. I hope they’ll continue to keep the tradition with their daughters some day. . . and maybe even my great-granddaughters will hear about this tradition that I began. . . many moons ago.

So, this particular Proverbs 31 Woman quality can have unlimited applications. Women have a lot of ingenious and interesting ways of procuring food for their families. Blueberry picking is just one. You might use special markets in the city that I wouldn’t know how to find. But, every wife should be busy and industrious about making sure her family has nutritious and satisfying food.

Once again, we see that being a Proverbs 31 Woman is fun and easy. Every woman can do it, if she chooses to make the effort — the average, ordinary effort that it takes — no more difficult than picking a blueberry!

Hope you have some ‘berry’ special times of your own this weekend!


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