Time to get up and be inspired by the next admirable quality of the Proverbs 31 Woman. This one is easy enough for an average woman. . . once you see the benefit and beauty of it!

She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household and a portion to her maidens. Proverbs 31:15

In Hebrew:  quwm. . . ovd. . . layil. . .  nathan. . . tereph. . . bayith. . . chaq. . .  na arah

Translation: stand/arise. . . still. . . dark. . . bestow. . .food. . .household. . . prescribed portion. . . servants

Ummmm, deep sigh as I think about the best time to sleep. When he’s up and gone, and I can stretch out in the whole bed, against cool sheets, tucked into the quiet of the dark, house still as silk. Before the busy-ness of the day begins, before the sun shouts its stern alarm. That is the most peaceful, restful time, of restorative sleep for me. . . in my dreams!!

And. . . it is also the most productive time of my day when I make a different choice. After the three sausage patties and two over easies, after a word of prayer and a too-quick kiss, time spent in the daily word of the bread of life, and sweet communion with the author and finisher, the stuff dreams are made of. . . I’m finally ready to begin my day!

Would you like to hear how it began this morning? It was still dark. . . ovd layil. . , so I lit the tiki lamps on my back deck, and sat still in the adirondack, and breathed deep, restorative breaths, as the songbirds chirped their morning call to worship. There’s no hurry, because the servants have already been awakened and fed their laundry soap and bleach, and while they rush to do their chores, I have a quiet moment to reflect on the day ahead.

Yes, it is fun to roll back over sometimes, and it feels so luxurious when he whispers softly in my ear, “You stay in bed; I’ll just have cereal this morning.” How sweet the taste of some romance! And those mornings there is a renewal of peace and rest that is beautiful and welcome. But, I have learned to also value the early morning rising, because it gives me a head start on my day. It is the only true quiet that I get some days, and I wouldn’t trade those early morning meditations for the luxury of sleeping in!

The Proverbs 31 Woman is prepared and leads the way for her household, making sure that each one has what they need to begin their day successfully.

Now, this will look different for every woman, and it looks completely different at every stage and season of life. . . and even different on some days — some days you really need to sleep in and rest, and restore and prepare your body for the next big project.

When the babies were little, and so needy during the night, if it hadn’t been for those quiet uninterrupted sleep hours between 6:00 and 8:00, I would have been seriously sleep deprived. At that season, those hours worked. . . at others seasons, those hours were the morning cuppa and commute!

If you are in the young child season of life, or if your family schedule requires different hours. . . you do what works for you right now, and you take every chance for rest and restoration that you can! Young mothers need to capture every quiet moment that presents itself!

This verse is probably speaking of an older woman. Young, dynamic, take-the-world-by-the horns women think everything is about them! 🙂 But, Proverbs 31 was speaks to all women, in many different seasons of life. And a woman who has household servants, is probably an ‘older’, established woman, who has acquired and accumulated resources and responsibility for others.

The key here, is to realize that this verse merely addresses responsibility. . . if you have people depending on you, whether it’s young children, farm animals, staff, co-workers, carpool moms. . . you need to get up on time, get prepared and organized for the day, and manage your day instead of letting your day control you.

Above all, I encourage you to ALWAYS make time for meditation and communion with your Father. The wisdom and insight He gives, will far outweigh the reward of that extra slap at the snooze button!

Well, gotta go! Time to wake the kiddos, and go pick some blueberries now that it’s light enough to tell the deep blue from violet! Have a wonderful and productive day!


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