Have you been encouraged during the Proverbs 31 For The Average Woman series to realize that you are becoming a Proverbs 31 woman, as you live your life simply and well? It’s true. It takes no great talent, achievement or accomplishment.

The only qualifications to being a woman of noble character is the will to seek it, and the character to follow through, guided by the grace and favor of God on your family, which He wants to bless — a recipe for success!

Let’s look at the next admirable character quality!

She considereth a field, and buyeth it; with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16

Hebrew: zamam. . . sadeh. . . lasach. . . periy. . . kaph. . . nata. . . kerem

Translation:  plan/plot/devise. . . property. . . acquire/take possession of. . . produce/offspring. . . hands. . . plant/establish. . . vineyard

Now, lest you think the Proverbs 31 Woman is some real estate mogul, ready to audition as Donald Trump’s next apprentice, let’s just simplify this verse to the average basics:

She looks around and finds something that will yield a profit, then uses the resources at her disposal to work hard with her own abilities and energies to establish a long-lasting legacy that will continue to bring in a profit for years to come — whether she continues to work at it, or hires others, or leases it out or sells it.

That might sound really complex at first glance, but it’s not really.

Let’s just be frank. . . with today’s modern conveniences, a woman with less than a dozen children (once they’re past the baby/toddler stage), may not have enough to keep her busy just with the running of the household, especially once the children are old enough to help. BUT, every woman knows that she needs to place the needs of her children at the top of the list, even at the expense of her own rewarding, fulfilling, satisfying and lucrative career. (Sorry feminists — but it’s true!). There’s simply not time for BOTH (at the same time)!

And so, many a lovely woman has several hours during the week where she may feel bored, unmotivated, dull and unproductive, as though all her life consists of wiping runny noses, changing diapers, and negotiating with hostile tantrum throwers.

So, what’s a woman to do with all her leftover time!!! (which fluctuates with the seasons — of the year and of her life). . .???

Develop a way to earn an increase/income that enables you to work with your children by your side, on your back, in a snuggly sling, or contentedly playing in the corner or under a tree while you work with your hands to build a lucrative and profit-yielding enterprise.

We’ll talk about this for the next few posts, but doesn’t it sound intriguing? Don’t you long for a project that you can take pride in? Wouldn’t you be pleased that you can impress your husband with your ingenuity and creativity? Wouldn’t you like to step back and admire your accomplishments? Well, that’s not selfish. . . that’s not feminist. . . that’s not being discontent with your ‘lot in life’, sister. That’s being a Proverbs 31 Woman! And you were created to create!

You were designed to be a helpmate to your husband as he takes dominion in the land. You have many gifts, talents, and resources that should be tapped, that are bursting to be released. Quit holding them in! You will explode with the effort!

You were meant to give birth to wonderful possibilities and creative and beautiful lives. And, hopefully that will mean many children that surround you, and rise up to call you blessed — which means that you now have even more resources available to help you accomplish great and wonderful and blessed endeavors!

Excited? I am! Let’s roll up our sleeves and learn how we average women can do extraordinarily average things to bring success, fulfillment, increase and a wealth of blessing into our family! We’ll try out some keys to unlock the potential that is waiting to be released when God opens the door of opportunity for you!


p.s. And if you’re one of the women who has already discovered this, I’d love to hear about your story! Email me!

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