The Proverbs 31 Woman knew the wisdom of having a diversified portfolio of investments. You know. . . don’t have all your eggs in one basket. . . some stocks, some CD’s, some real estate, maybe some gold bars. . . a little barley. . . a little grape juice!

“Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.” Ecclesiastes 11:6

You just never know what will be successful. It depends on the weather, on the market, on many factors. So, it is wise to have many ‘income streams’ if possible. And ladies, a godly wife is just the person to help a family develop income streams! Your husband might be busy furthering his career or working in a traditional job, but you might be able to generate some income streams from your own little cottage industry!

Use the Proverbs 31 Woman as your role model:

She considereth a field, and buyeth it; with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16

Now, I don’t claim to be a farmer, but in my neck of the woods, the vineyards aren’t usually planted on prime crop land. Vineyards can grow on hillsides, on slopes, on less-than-ideal soil and terrain.

So, it appears that the Proverbs 31 Woman was not only taking advantage of temporary cash grain crops (like barley, wheat, flax, etc.) when she leased a field for profit, but when she realized her profit and earnings after the harvest time, she was able to invest in the grape plants to start her own vineyard, a permanent, long-term investment.

So, even if the barley crop failed, there were still the grape vines growing, becoming strong for a bumper crop in a future year.

And the great thing about a vineyard? It produces year after year without re-planting your seed. For cash crops, you have to save some of the seed back to replant the next year. With a vineyard, once the initial investment of the vines has been planted, with a little pruning, watering, and fertilizing, the crop will come in for years.

She was establishing a future income by taking the profit from one harvest and investing it in future harvestS, plural!

Are you thinking to the future for an income stream that will continue to produce even when you enter a new season, perhaps a slower season, perhaps retirement?Are you at a season in your marriage where you can assist your husband with business ventures? Are you still in the baby on the hip stage, where you only have hands for little ones? Enjoy it, and save up the slobbery kisses and sticky hugs, and tend your most important vineyard!

No matter what season of life you are in, I challenge you to consider the wisdom of the Proverbs 31 Woman, and modify your thinking about career and income, to consider investments and portfolio diversification! It’s not a new concept. . . our mentor showed us how to do it thousands of years ago! And at some season, you will be ready to take the profits from your cash crop and plant a vineyard!

Happy diversification!


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