In our Proverbs 31 For The Average Woman series, we’ve been looking into the admirable character quality found in Proverbs 31:16.

She considereth a field, and buyeth it, with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard. Proverbs 31:16

The Hebrew word for the phrase ‘with the fruit’ is periy, which is sometimes translated ‘with her earnings’. It really means fruit, as in fruit of the vine, or fruit of the womb. It basically means produce or offspring, the result of bearing fruit — which in some cases would equate with earnings — if you sell the ‘fruit’, or use your children to help earn money.

So, another meaning for this verse is that the Proverbs 31 Woman considers a profitable income opportunity, and with her children, she establishes a steady source of income that will last for many years, even to future generations.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could develop an income stream that utilized the gifts, talents and resources of your family members? Wouldn’t it be satisfying to work alongside your children as part of a unified team, working for the same goal, helping each other achieve the same purpose? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to establish a venture that could be passed down to the next generation, to become a source of support for your children’s children?

This business model has been practiced by families for generations in other centuries, and only in the last fifty years or so, has it become a foreign concept to us. Family farms are not so often passed down to the sons.  A common bumper sticker claims that they are spending their children’s inheritance — perhaps by selling the family business and buying an RV! Many times the younger generation has no interest in carrying on the family business or trade.

But, consider the beauty of generational living, one generation passing along benefits to the next generation, and that generation building on the blessed foundation, and elevating the next generation onto a higher plane of service and stability.

A vineyard can produce a harvest for 50-70 years off the same vines. That’s sustainable income for at least two generations. But consider the wealth of generations of experience in grafting and developing varieties of grapes that produce the best juice. Or fine wine, that gains in value from year to year, accruing in flavor as well as in value — worth more to your grandchildren than to you!

The vineyard is symbolic of generational enhancement — but perhaps that’s a whole new series! But the fact is that God wants to bless you and your children, and your children’s children. It is the mark of God’s blessing on a man or woman, to extend the blessing to their descendants to the fourth generation. And perhaps God will use you, oh Proverbs 31 Woman, to bless your family with your own vineyard!

Consider your children as your greatest assets, your most valuable resources, your mode of traveling into the future, of sending your blessing on into the future, so that your effect will outweigh your existence!

The Proverbs 31 Woman understood this. She wasn’t planting a vineyard for the harvest later that current year. . . for there would be no harvest the year she planted the vines. . . or the next. . . or the next. She was looking into the future harvest. . . and perhaps even to the future harvests for her children and grandchildren.

No wonder her children arise and call her blessed! They probably even raise their glass to toast her!


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