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July 12, 2011

P31 Post 19: A Packet Of Seeds

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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photo used by permission of Baker Creed Seeds at rareseeds.com

So do you think I’ve abdicated my Average Woman claim for the Proverbs 31 woman with all this talk about income streams, and diversifying your portfolio, and utilizing resources, and investments and cottage industry? Well, they are just fancy terms for buy low and sell high!!! Any kid with a lemonade stand can understand the concepts — so I know that the average women who read my blog know exactly what I’m talking about!

When I ask you to consider the beauty of generational living, one generation passing along benefits to the next generation, elevating the next generation onto a higher plane of service, does that sound foreign and alien to you? It shouldn’t. It’s average everyday stuff that our great-grandparents understood. . . and I hope you are intrigued to learn more about it!

What if you used the talents and resources that you have within or near your own two hands to build a future for your family, maybe even one that your husband could someday join in and rejoice in? Let me give you a very simple, average, ordinary example that I observe often around my ‘neighborhood’ where many families work on their own properties, husband, wife, children, all working diligently, living well and simply, and happily secure and stable.

Can you believe that I went to a Mennonite produce auction today, and saw people paying $50 for a box of hot house tomatoes? My Mennonites neighbors are kicking up their heels as they pedal their bicycles back home. Crazy English! They took seed that cost pennies per ounce, and are turning it (with some hard-earned effort I’ll grant you!) into an increase of $2 a pound!

Do you know how many pounds of tomatoes one seed can produce? Me either. . . but now I can’t resist finding that info for you. . . and moments later I find that the state Extension Office website says each plant will produce from 10-20 pounds of tomatoes, but I saw other estimates¬† that said much higher. At the prices I saw today, that’s up to $40 profit per plant — probably more.

WOW!!! Smart!!! Middle men, were buying the produce, and will take it to the city, to sell as organic produce at an inflated price to produce markets and health food stores. They are content to pay for over-priced tomatoes. Not me! I was hoping to get some tomatoes at the auction to turn into salsa. . . but this country girl can’t bear to pay that price for something that just a few months ago was a packet of seeds. Something that with a little effort I could have grown myself! Why didn’t I start those seeds back in January?

I also saw some hibiscus plants at the auction that went for $4 a plant. . . a steal. . . then went down the road and saw what looked like the same plants (probably from the same grower) at a roadside stand for $10.¬† Of course that grower, had started the plants for pennies in his greenhouse, and what a return on her investment — it actually was a her — although her him had probably built the greenhouse for her, and they probably danced in their bare feet on their immaculate floors when they saw their profit today!) And, I saw blackberries going for over $4 a pint — and those grow wild in the woods, the only cost is some ticks and chiggers!

What if you took a packet of seeds and turned it into a harvest? I’m not necessarily talking about a literal packet of seeds. What tiny thing do you have that you could plant, water, fertilize with the stuff that dreams are made of, and turn into a harvest? Take a little ingenuity, add some effort, and turn it into a profit!!

Ask God to give you some faith the size of a mustard seed, to ponder what great way He might bless your seed, cause it to grow, to produce an abundant harvest of possibilities and blessing for your family!


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