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“Her candle goeth not out at night.” Proverbs 31:18b

Her lamp quenches the darkness. The Proverbs 31 Woman has the ability to banish the darkness because of the light with which she illuminates her world. This light is lit by the Spirit of God residing within her, burning within her, and shining outward to a dark and gloomy world.

“In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:4-5

As you go through life, determine to quench the darkness. It’s easy, because darkness is just the absence of light. As soon as you enter any situation, your light may illuminate the darkness. Your mere presence quenches the darkness.

Have you ever taken your fingers and pinched out the light of a candle wick? You just quenched the light; darkness pervades. But darkness is not real or tangible. It is just the absence of light. Just a spark of light, and the darkness itself is banished, quenched by the light.

In the same way that a candle is quenched, allowing the darkness to pervade, the spirit of light can be quenched in your life.

“Quench not the Spirit.” I Thessalonians 5:19

The darkness is waiting to overtake you, to frighten you with its smothering blackness, to suck the light right out of your life (Matthew 5:14). But, the darkness has no power over you. All it takes is one little spark of hope and light to quench the darkness. The Light is as near as your ability to call on the Light of the World (John 8:12), as easily as you would flip a light switch. And as soon as you illuminate your spirit with the Light of the World, then the darkness has to flee.

You might enjoy this excerpt from ‘Speak No Evil‘, Volume I of the Livingstone Library, which explains the difference between light and dark.

Speak No Evil

Suddenly the light was extinguished and complete darkness came like a thick cloud.  The singing crystals were silenced, and in her dream, Rachael heard a harsh voice demand,  “Be gone, you creatures of light.  This is the domain of darkness.  You had your time of light, but now it is night.  This is now a dungeon, dark and dreary, held in chains of darkness.”

“Darkness lasts only for the night.  The joy of the light returns in the morning,” said a tinkling voice in the darkness, one bright solace, like the flash of a firefly in a pitch black sky.

“There is no morning,” sneered the voice.  This voice was harsh and dissonant, and irregular in tone, like an instrument out of tune, or two neighboring black notes played together on a keyboard.

The singing crystals vibrated and tinkled, and Rachael knew they were laughing, not a derisory laugh, but a joyous laugh, happy in the thought of truth of the spoken word.  “You speak correctly for once.  There is no morning for you, but we live in morning as we live in the light.”

“You do not exist except in the light.”

Unseen is not equal to nonexistent, and your disbelief does not negate my reality.  Even if I am unseen, I am nonetheless real, therefore I am.  Even unseen, I am.  And since darkness cannot reside in the light, when my light shines you must recede.”

“No.  I have overpowered your light.  The darkness proves that.”

The mere presence of darkness only indicates the absence of light.  Darkness in and of itself does not prove itself, it only reveals the absence of light.  However, if I chose to shine my light, your darkness would be no more.  You cannot do the same, for your darkness cannot overpower my light.  Thus light is more powerful than darkness.  One speck of light in the dark inspires hope.  One speck of dark in the light is not even noticeable.  Darkness has to flee in the presence of light.”

As the voices spoke, the outlines of the shimmering beings began to appear, and the evil voice screeched angrily, “No.  This is my domain.  You have no place here.”

“Nonsense.  This is my abode, and you shall not trespass.  Even though my light may not shine for a time, it is still present, waiting to reflect the new day.  You will find no friend here.”

And here is the miracle — darkness cannot overpower light, but light can overpower darkness! As long as there is light, there cannot be complete darkness. You be the light that quenches the darkness. There is a dark world craving the light that you can offer. Shine your light, and all of your world will be drawn to the illumination, of the Light within you.

Do not quench your light – quench the darkness with your light!


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