We’ve been using our Money Mondays to talk about legit ways to save money on taxes. And here is an interesting approach to save money that you might not have considered!

Live Modestly With The Snoopy Approach

One of the best ways to save money on property taxes is to live in a modest home, with lower property taxes. Property taxes really take their toll, practically punishing you for having a nice home. You might consider a Snoopy lifestyle.

You remember Charlie Brown’s dog from the Peanuts cartoon strip by Charles M. Schulz, don’t you? Snoopy’s dog house looked like a regular dog house from the outside, but inside he managed to have a pool table, ping pong table, basketball hoops, a stairway, downstairs quarters, and a servant’s entrance — which you never saw of course!

Vanity and keeping up with the Joneses will cost you big-time in property taxes! Living in a high dollar community might elevate your status — but it will definitely elevate your property tax valuation.

Want to prompt a visit by the assessor? Just begin a construction project or some outside renovations, and wait for them to show up to reassess your property valuation!

Instead consider making the view of the inside of your home of more importance than the view from the outside! Consider living in a quiet neighborhood of modest homes. Invest your money in making the inside comfortable and inviting, and leave the outside for the tax assessor to contemplate!

It’s a Biblical approach!

“Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:7

“You Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness.” Luke 11:39 (or as Matthew 23:25 says “greed and self-indulgence”).

The inside is more important than the outside (and not taxed nearly as much)! Would you rather have a comfortable bed to share with your husband, or new shutters? Would you rather enjoy a ping pong table or game room in the basement for the kids or a new fountain the neighbors will envy? Would you rather invest in a facade, or enjoy the faces of your family gathered in comfort and fellowship around your table?

If it’s ever a choice simply between how the outside looks, or how the inside feels — choose the inside every time!!

One of the best stories I ever heard about the Snoopy Lifestyle involved a barn. A couple built a barn, decided to live in it temporarily, and began to make it into a comfortable home. As it ended up, when you walked through the barn door you were transported into a showplace. But the assessor kept classifying it as a barn. Evidently, if it looks like a barn from the outside, it is a barn for tax purposes!

Live modestly and quietly enjoy your elegant and secret opulence, and only the most snoopy of them dern revenuers will discover your Snoopy Lifestyle!!