Oh, you beautiful and wonderful invisible women who read this blog — you know who you are. And even though I don’t know your names, I feel like I know you.

I’ve lived long enough to be just where some of you are. . .

I was the young bride filled with hope and expectations for the future which included a love like no one ever loved.

I was the busy mother of toddlers, a sleep-deprived mother, a working mother, a homeschool mom, a woman with gifts and talents that were shelved in order to just be there. . . invisibly, taken for granted, just there, so everyone else could be comfortable.  . .

I’ve been the woman who didn’t have time to comb her hair one day, or get dressed, or who stayed up all night working on a job, and when someone called mid morning and heard the sleep in my voice asked a condescending, “Oh, did I wake you?”

I was the woman crying silently into my pillow because I didn’t understand my husband — and he certainly didn’t understand me.

I was the woman who was more lonely being married than I was when I was single.

I was the woman who wondered why I couldn’t get it, when so many other women managed to make it work.

And I am the woman who has failed, but keeps trying.

I am the woman who through persistence, and the wisdom that God granted, was able to experience and realize the favor and goodness of God, to know the beautiful restoration of covenantal intimacy — and to know that it’s never too late, and that God can perform a miracle in transforming marriages like mine — and yours.

I feel like I know you, dear sister.

How do I know you’re out there? Because last month over 10,000 visits were made to Won Without Words, and yet, when I did a giveaway, and all you had to do was step forward and raise your hand in comment in order to receive a free gift, only two women responded!

Even if I did a giveaway for chocolate, some of you probably wouldn’t respond, because you want to be invisible, and because this intimacy thing of marriage is so very personal, and it means so much to us — and so we remain silent. (Or, maybe you’re just one of those women who hasn’t figured out all this internet stuff, or how to comment yet — and I feel your pain, too!)

It’s okay if you want to lurk on the edges of anonymity, in the shadows where no one sees. Invisible to all but the One who sees all. Maybe you wonder if you are the only one who feels the way you do. You’re not — there are many of you out there, quietly, invisibly joining with us every day. You are not alone.

As long as there is one woman who finds encouragement in this blog, I will do my best to continue as long as the Lord allows.

So, Margie and Pam, you are a bright star of encouragement in the infinite vastness of the blogosphere! Thank you for commenting and encouraging me as I encourage others. As God so often does, He breaks and multiplies. He takes your words of encouragement, breaks them and tenderly feeds them to me to nourish my soul, and I humbly offer the pieces to those who quietly slip in and nibble at the crumbs of words that I write!

And, I’ve come to the conclusion, that even though I enjoy the comment option, it’s not worth all the spam and incredibly obscene comments that I have to filter through, which are automatically generated by internet spammers in faraway places like Romania and Latvia, where they don’t even use correct English! So, I will soon disable the comments feature on this blog (as soon as I figure out how to do that).

But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends! If you want to make a comment, or contact me, feel free to email me here. And of course you can always comment on my Facebook page. I LOVE hearing from you!

And Pam and Margie, you incredibly amazing and awesomely average Proverbs 31 women, I’m giving EACH of you a copy of one of my books, so just pick out which one you want, and let me know where to send it — you know how to reach me!!

And, I know that you will enjoy meeting Pam and Margie, too. . . because I know that you love amazingly, incredibly average women, who are working on their marriage, who love, and laugh, and probably lose it from time to time, who are encouragers, who are mothers or grandmothers, who are abundantly LOVELY!

And even though many of you, my faraway friends, are invisible, I see you! And I like you! Thanks for stopping by!