Do you ever think that your husband just views you as an object? Oh yes, the object of his affection. . .

But does it ever seem like he’s only interested in one thing? That he’s obsessed with your body?

Well, there is a reason that it seems like that (other than the obvious fact that he is obsessed with your body :D).

You crave emotional intimacy. Your husband craves physical intimacy.

Want to know one reason why?

Well. . . here’s a secret scientific discovery that will just make you marvel, but I’ll have to get technical. . . and you’ll just have to follow me for a minute.

Did you ever breastfeed your babies? If so, you might remember the days (and nights) of frantic activity, changing diapers, doing laundry, bathing the baby, taking care of the house, and always the constant need of the newborn who craved your caress, who consumed your life-giving nourishment, and when that sweet babe cried in hunger, and your milk let down, and you sat down in the rocking chair to suckle that sweet baby, all else faded away, and you were lost in an intimate moment of life-sustaining, nourishing of that baby, as her fingers curled around your hair, and she gazed trustingly into your face, and you took a deep breath and let all the laundry go, as you enjoyed this brief moment of being everything important to that little creature. (Whew — I know that was a run-on sentence, but writing it kind of reminded me of those run-on moments so long ago).

It’s not just a coincidence that you enjoyed that brief respite from the day as you suckled your infant. There is a hormone that is released when you breastfeed. It is sometimes called the “feel-good hormone”, and its scientific name is oxytocin. God designed us in such a beautiful and creative way that when a woman feeds and nourishes her baby, she is rewarded (it’s a good thing too, because if it just continued to be pain and anguish — as it often is in the first few days — the poor baby might not make it!).

Man is not able to experience all the rush of hormones that we lucky women experience on a day-to-day basis — yeah right! But. . . scientists have recently discovered that there is one time when a man releases oxytocin. . . during sexual intercourse . . . with a woman to whom he has made a lifelong commitment. . . Recent scientific findings suggests that oxytocin release makes it easier for a man to act in a positive and loving way toward his wife — it’s a pair-bonding hormone.

WOW! God’s design is amazing. Women are rewarded with the feeling that all is right with the world when they nurse their babies — causing them to bond with their baby. Man feels that same feeling when he is intimate with the woman he has pledged to love, honor and protect (and that natural drug is addicting, and keeps him coming back for more!!).

Your husband loves your body, because it is the vehicle that transports him to a place of emotional intimacy that he can never reach without you. He craves the emotional connection — but he doesn’t even know it. The emotional intimacy you crave is found in physical intimacy, as you bond with him in physical and emotional connection. The physical intimacy he craves is found only in you, and it rewards him with an emotional connection that he doesn’t even know he needs (so don’t tell him about it or he’ll rise up in all his manliness and flex his testosterone as he roars that he ‘don’t need no woman hormone to make him feel like a man’!)

So, don’t hide yourself from him. He views your body as the mere shell to get through to the heart of the woman within — the woman he adores and craves so intensely — and has bonded with for life. You are the meat of the nut to him! And like a squirrel, he has one object of affection — his obsession is you —  you big nut!

I know it’s a big price to pay, to be so adorable, and enticing, and completely irresistible — but you can handle it! He just wants to be with you. He just wants to connect with you — emotionally — and he doesn’t even know why — but, just maybe it’s because God designed him that way, so he’d stick around and come back for more of what only you can offer him.

You’re the nut he craves!