I sat awkwardly on the edge of my seat as they glanced over their glasses at me.

I handed them the packet and said, “I hope it’s all there.”

“I’m sure we’ll figure it out,” she said, in a tone that didn’t seem convinced. As she glanced at the figures, I filled in the awkward silence with an attempt at humor, a liability in some situations.

“You know, I’d rather go through natural childbirth than meet with you.”

That softened them up a little, these two women, with their perfectly manicured hands clicking the calculator, their magnificent make-up, carefully applied, and their hair professionally styled. They are mothers, too.

“Oh, it’s not that bad,” she said, as she sat there all poised with perfectly balanced assets.

That was last year, when I had a tax year that included switching to an LLC mid-year. This year, I only had to produce balance sheets and profit and loss figures from two different accounting systems. Why had I thought we should make that change after the third quarter?

Even after filing a extension, I was running out of time to pull it all together. Agh! And so, that comment came back to me yesterday as I was rushing to meet the deadline. Suddenly I thought, “You know, it’s true. I would rather go through natural childbirth than face another day of tortuous tax preparation. Contractions are only difficult for the last few hours, and there is an end in sight. This has been days of torture!”

But, it’s almost over, and after the meeting with the ‘Tax Ladies’ today, I’m sure I’ll feel a rush of joy!

But do you know what has brought me the most joy during this entire process?

It’s the little note I found tacked on my mirror this morning:  “Love you Shari – have a great day!” Even after my pre-occupation with profit and loss, and my balancing act with balance sheets, with a resulting depreciation of my patience lately — he has a soft answer! It reminds me of how sweet and supportive he has always been to me through all my labors!! Thanks Marc!

Now, that’s a valuable commodity, but don’t tell them dern revenuers!