Facebook has become like the old-fashioned morning post! We read the headlines, and peruse the editorial comments, and even glance at the funnies — all while we’re comfy in our robe and jammies!

And aside from the fact that it allows for voyeuristic and vicarious tendencies, and might be a potential way for the government to track down all my possible connections, making it completely impossible for me to hide out with friends in the event I commit some horrendous crime. . .

It essentially eliminates one of the things that I hate most . . . gossip.

Instead of the old gossip column that allowed some smug know-it-all to interpret her perceptions and insidious insinuations in black and white, with no possibility of truthful explanation or correction from the subject, with Facebook, we get the words straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth — with comment box. So, instead of whispered character assassinations, knowing glances, and insinuating inferences, we get plain facts, worded exactly as each would like to set them down infinitum, reduced to a soundbite, ricocheting through cyberspace.

If it’s on Facebook, it’s public record. And it’s not gossip, if it’s on Facebook! I love it that  Facebook has freed us all from the gruesomeness of gossip!

Of course, it doesn’t keep us from contemplating the nuance of the chosen words, and wondering about what they really meant in their Facebook status — and talking about it at the watercooler!!

But, truly, Facebook has provided something this fast-paced society was lacking, in gifting us with an opportunity to easily stay connected.

And even if we don’t get to hang out on the porch, or at the corner drug store, we can still find out that Michael is excelling in soccer, that Jessica is making friends and having a blast in her new town, and we celebrate with Grace as she cheers on her hometown Cardinals, and we take comfort in the fact that Mary is trusting in the Lord as we remember to say a prayer for her.

So, thank you Facebook for ridding the world of the scourge of slander and the gadfly of gossip!

Bye for now. . . gotta go update my status!


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