Can’t wait to share a new issue of ‘Proverbs 31 For The Average Woman’ with you. I was hoping to have it up by now, but I’m going to publish that next Tuesday, November 8th (Happy Birthday CHIP!!).

I wonder how many of you will pass by this amazing woman today and never once wonder about her incredible awesomeness and spectacular skill, and the completely interesting stories simmering behind that unassuming exterior.

Well, it could be you. . . because there is so much within you that some have never even considered. We would be surprised if we knew all that was within you. . . but it doesn’t surprise Him!

He knit you together in your mother’s womb. He placed desires and dreams within your heart that are awesome and attainable. You have the ability to be potent with incredible creative ability to perform a task that only you can accomplish. And it might not ever be published in the news or honored with a plaque, but it is of no less value than the things that are tweeted at this moment!

You have the ability to inspire someone today. Who will it be?

The mundane things you do today might have eternal value. Which one will you do with all your might?

Consider that the words you speak, the blessings your birth, the prayers you launch can have eternal and extraordinary value and effect.

Happy November!