It is very tiring and lonely for some women this morning. Those of you who have husbands who drive you to church and help you with the babies might not realize that there are some ladies who feel very alone this morning.

She might be facing a critical husband who doesn’t seem to care or understand why she wants to go to church. She might have to scrape her own windshield this winter. She has to dress the children, and feed them a quick breakfast, and then redress someone who dropped their toast, jelly side down, unto her dress. And then she has to find the tights and the shoes, and fight with a wriggly squirming girl to brush and braid and bow the fly-away hair, and then carry the children to the car, strap them in, and  take a deep breath as she backs out the drive.

All the way to church, she’ll try to smile with anticipation and put on a happy face, while she tries not to sigh with envy when she sees the dads pick up the kids with ease and stride across that long parking lot, while she’s leaned over with one arm holding baby, diaper bag, Bible and purse, and the other clutching a toddler who pulls her off balance while she tries to look all poised and proper in her heels.

And what is her reward for making it to the sanctuary? She gets to wrestle with the kids, try to keep them quiet, be wallowed and worried. And while others are refreshed and renewed by the sacred hymns and text, she is just lonely and alone in her long and empty pew.

And when some well-meaning elder asks where her husband is, she tries not to lie, but she can’t tell the real truth, that he just doesn’t care a bit about spiritual matters, takes no responsibility for the spiritual leadership of the family, and doesn’t even care enough to take his family to church on a Sunday morning.

If you happen to be the woman wondering if the futility of flailing Sunday morningness is worth it — it is.

Be not weary in well doing. In due season you will reap a reward if you faint not. Galatians 6:9

Go to the sanctuary this morning. Go to the house of refuge. Close your eyes, and listen well for the whisper of the Father who sees, who notices, who cares, who waits to work on your behalf. And breathe a little prayer for your husband. This can be won without words, as you pray for a spiritual breakthrough.

And if you have a husband who takes you to church today, breathe a prayer of gratitude, while you breathe a prayer for your sister, the solo mom.


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