Remember the warm fuzzy craze?

Random people would give you a ‘warm fuzzy’ to demonstrate the feeling of satisfaction and contentment that comes from deep within, and the joy that comes from sharing that feeling with others.

Well, the Christmas season abounds with warm fuzzy moments.

  • We share smiles and Christmas greetings with random strangers.
  • We bless the mailman and the delivery man with cookies and hot cocoa.
  • We send cards and greet our loved ones.
  • We give gifts and bless others with our time and resources.
  • We demonstrate  love and peace with our fellow man.

And in the process we share a special season of peace and good will full of warm fuzzies with our fellow man.

The Christmas season is also an amazing time to connect spiritually with your husband, and to share the Christmas Spirit with your husband. And what is the Christmas Spirit? The Love of God. For God so loved the world that He sent His only son. . .

If your husband is unsaved, Christmas is the perfect time to share the gospel message with him. It’s in the songs. It’s in the nativity scenes. It’s on the ornaments, and cards, and signs, and in the stores. Take full advantage of it! Play Christmas music at home. . . not so much that he grows weary of it, but just enough to set a nice warm and fuzzy mood! Then take advantage of the ‘warm & fuzzy’  season and share some warm fuzzies with him!

  • Share a cup of cocoa or tea with him in the early morning or in the evening.
  • Unwrap each other as the ultimate gift you give one another.
  • Dance together to Christmas music in the candlelight.
  • Send him a Christmas card filled with the reasons you love and respect him.
  • Give him ‘gift cards’ that he can redeem this season — and make it fun!

Above all, share your love with your husband. The language of love speaks deeply within to the heart of your husband, and you have the ability to whisper the love of Christ to him, as you love him unconditionally, accepting him, respecting him . . .  just loving him.

Have a warm fuzzy day!


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