I committed to 50 days of encouragement for wives as we countdown to the new year.

You might wonder where the encouragement is as you’ve read about lonely women struggling in spiritual matters alone, or husbands who don’t take the spiritual leadership role in their marriage, or the effect of a husband’s abdication and the weight upon women, or the thirteen long years that it took for my husband to return to a right relationship with the Lord.

Well ladies, here is the encouragement!

God never leaves you in the depths of despair alone. He is always with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. He hears each lonely cry of your heart. He knows and understands the unspeakable grief of watching loved ones wander in the wilderness. And He has not left you without hope. In the Valley of Trouble, there is a door of hope.

And He took a man who knows a thing or two about stubborn rebellion and wandering in the wilderness, to design a blog for his wife, who knows a thing or two about silent tears and lonely lessons, so that they could speak encouragement to you!

There is always a remedy for sin, a redemption of wrong, a double blessing for trouble, an answer to the question — a door of hope.

And if you are grieving for lost potential of the power of God’s leadership, wisdom and direction in your marriage, God has graciously provided a way for the woman to rise up with power and might on behalf of her husband, and for the sake of her family, to overcome the power of the curse, and to take back what the enemy has stolen, in order to redeem the time and provide for a godly heritage for her children.

But, there is no substitute for the time that must be spent in prayer, effectual, fervent, intercessory prayer on behalf of our husband and family. It is the prayer whispered in faith that becomes the key to open the door of hope. God will hear the honest cry of your heart. This is a battle that must be won without your words to your husband.

One word from God, spoken with authority and truth to your husband’s heart is worth more than a million lectures, closing arguments, and manipulative tears.

I Peter 3:1 is not just a verse. It is a blueprint for success in softening your husband’s heart, and turning your husband’s ear toward the whispering wooing of the Savior.

How’s that for encouragement? 😀


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