Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out. Proverbs 20:5

I know I wrote a post one time that explained that men are not that complicated. . . but I was actually quoting my husband. Men are deep.

It’s true that a man’s needs are not that complicated. They are not nearly as complex as we women are, with our innuendos, and our feelings, and our habit of saying one thing, but truly meaning another. . . like, when he asks what’s wrong, and we say a mouthful of “Nothing.”

Men usually say exactly what they mean . . . and they don’t usually change their mind.

But just because they are not complex and complicated, don’t mistake that to mean that men are shallow and superficial. And just because he doesn’t often show his feelings, or enter into long discussions about his deepest feelings and emotions — that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings and emotions. He has them, but they are just buried way down deep, and it can be very difficult to reach his heart.

Men are deep. You’ve heard the quote, “Still waters run deep.”

He feels things very deeply, too. He lets things roll off his back sometimes, and you think he doesn’t care, and sometimes that makes you say things just to get to him, because you just want to know that he cares. But just realize that he does care. . . he cares very deeply, so deeply that the power of his emotions scares him sometimes. . . and so he pushes it down even deeper.

But his heart is a great treasure. It’s a trophy catch! Don’t give up looking for the lunker!

Maybe that’s why men like to fish so much. It is a metaphor for their heart. Patience, perseverance, and skill will bring up a great catch, as you go fishing and try to find the deep and secret and hidden places of his heart.

But, it doesn’t hurt to take along some secret bait, too! The way to a man’s heart isn’t his stomach! He longs to be intimate with you, and for you to unlock the secret places of his heart, and to teach him how to relate emotionally — but he just doesn’t know it, because it’s buried way down deep.

So, take a moment to consider how very deeply your husband feels things, and don’t hurt him with your callous words and flippant attitude. Consider him a great catch, sink a line into the depths of his heart, lure him in with your charms, and captivate him in the net of your alluring kisses!

Hang up a ‘Gone Fishin’ sign today, and go after that lunker!


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