being a mother;

No one is indispensable. Someone once said that a person’s importance is usually no greater than sticking your finger in a pail of water. When you remove your finger, the water closes back around, as if it had never been there. It’s a good lesson to keep us humble in all our self-importance!

While it’s true that ‘life goes on’, even when we’re not in the room 😀 . . . there is a role in life that is indispensable.

If you are a mother, then you are the one who keeps your world together as you set the tone in your home. Nothing can take the place of mother. In fact, as someone said around the table on this Thanksgiving Day, a mother is not just the finger in the pail.

You are the pail.

You are the one who holds the world together for your family. It is your love that they seek. It is your hug that comforts a crying child. It is your prayers that bring a lost lamb back to the fold.

A mother is a powerful force that holds a family together. Your faith and hope and vision create the haven we call home and family. Your prayers can make a difference for your family. If you have dreams for your family that God has placed there, then work with God to bring those things to pass.

All else pales in comparison. (Pun intended :D) You have a great role to fill.

On this Thanksgiving Day, when we enjoy the comfort of favorite foods, and loving family, and timeless traditions, take just a moment and reflect on why Thanksgiving means so much to you. It probably has something to do with mother!

Amid the moments of gratitude and thanksgiving for family, and for peace, and for provision, and for heavenly blessings, pause to remember how very important your role is to your family.

If your children are young, and you feel harried, take a moment to take a deep breath. Fill up your pail with renewed strength for the important job you have to do.

If your children are grown, and home for the holiday, don’t diminish your role in their lives as pray-er and torch bearer. Pour out upon them blessings and prayers and wisdom. You are not indispensable!

If you have an elderly mother, take a moment to hug her a little tighter today, or whisper a thanksgiving blessing to her for all the things that she has poured into your life.

Allow God to make you the pail that is full of wisdom and love and overflowing many blessings to those around you, a noble vessel for the Master’s use!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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