; encouragement for marriage

Visited a grapevine yesterday (not the one in the picture :D), and it wasn’t lush and vibrant and bountiful.

All the leaves are gone. The vine is there, but it looks like a dead branch. It was gnarly, and rough, and brown and it looked like nothin’ special.

If I were to appraise the health of the vineyard based on the appearance of the vines today. . . it would be worthless. Doesn’t look like much to me.

It’s a good thing for the vine that I’m not the master of the vineyard, because in my ignorance I might be tempted to clear the land. That’s the kind of stuff you cut down and burn on a brush pile in my ‘neck of the woods’.

But. . . I’ve read a thing or two about vineyards, and I remember seeing this same vine in a different season. And I’m willing to trust the advice from the Master Gardener about vines, and grapes, and lush, vibrant bowers of shading greenery, and the tangy fruit of the vines, and the potential harvest of this particular vine.

Come spring, and this vine will be covered with a spreading canopy of verdure. Come summer and clusters of green grapes will pop out from stems that aren’t in evidence today. Come fall and purple bunches of grapes will hang heavy and lush from the vine.

The Master Gardener knows, and He will tend the vineyard, even in the season of gloom and cold and hidden growth.

Do you find yourself in a season of gloom and cold and hidden growth? Don’t despair. It’s just a season. It will pass. There is another season coming.

Does it appear that the vine is dead, that the branch is gnarly, that there’s nothing but fuel for the fire? That’s just what it looks like today. See your marriage through eyes of faith and imagine what it will look like come spring.

Do you think that your marriage is nothin’ special? It might appear that there is nothing growing on the vine. . . and maybe it’s just not the right season. Hold on. Winter won’t last forever.

Come spring. . .


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