(If your husband is saved, thank God — and consider passing this post along to a sister who might need some encouragement today as she faces the Christmas season in an unequally yoked marriage.)

Even if your husband is ambivalent about God, or has no interest in attending church with you, here are some ways that you can share CHRISTmas in your home, and with your husband and family this Christmas season.

  • Request that he read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. The life of Christ is an historical fact, and the Bible is a beautiful work of literary and historical significance. He probably won’t object to participating in this customary and meaningful tradition. The story is found in Luke 2:1-16, and is just sixteen verses long. Mark a Bible with a bookmark, and set it by his chair, and mention that you would really like for him to consider reading this to the children on Christmas Eve before they go to bed. Sometime before Christmas Eve, he’ll open the Bible, when you’re not looking, and read through it. Don’t mention it again, except casually when you discuss the plans for Christmas Eve. . . oh, this is on the menu, and after we. . . and then we’ll read the Christmas story before the children go to bed. . . . On Christmas Eve, have one of the children climb in his lap with the Bible and ask him to read the Christmas story. If he refuses this year, don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t become annoyed, simply read it to your children in a voice of faith, professing the beauty of the story, with a prayer in your heart that the love displayed in the story would reach into your husband’s heart, carried on your own sweet love for him.
  • Read advent books, or devotionals or celebrate with Christian Advent calendars all during the month of December. Advent begins the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and there are many activities you can do to celebrate the Christmas season every day; it can be a simple way to introduce a daily devotional into your home. Here’s a review I wrote of Jotham’s Journey, an Advent adventure book we read each year, that is full of adventure and suspense, but clearly  outlines the prophecies that foretold Christ’s birth. You might even get Dad to take a turn reading the nightly story.
  • The ADVENTure of Christmas, by Lisa Welchel (Facts of Life star) is another Advent book you might consider.
  • Play the REAL Christmas hymns in your home that tell the story of the birth of Christ.
  • Focus on Jesus instead of Santa Claus. Place books around your home that the children will naturally select, and climb into Daddy’s lap, with a “Daddy, will you please read me this book?”
  • Ask your husband to attend a candlelight community service with the family. Don’t make it about church — make it about sharing family fun and traditions — and cuddle up to your husband, slip your hand into his, ask him to keep you warm with his love, warm him with your smile and your adoration, and make it so special that he’ll want to do it again!
  • Celebrate those things that you do agree on: love, joy, peace, kindness

As you share these beautiful and meaningful moments with your husband, you are planting seeds. Create a mood that is loving and special, that will be a taste of the spiritual blessings that come with a relationship with the Prince of Peace, Immanuel, God with us.

It’s the best time of the year for a Christian wife and her unsaved husband to share spiritual unity. Don’t miss it by being disappointed about what you don’t share. Be drawn together in love — you have a lot in common.


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