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December 5, 2011

Christmas Gift Certificates for Your Husband

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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What do you get a man who has everything?

Or who has very specific tastes that you could never match?

Why don’t you give him something that is incredibly valuable and rare? Give him a gift that includes 1)  the things he never asks for but always wants and 2) the things he always asks for and never gets enough!

Make a coupon book of gift certificates for your husband this CHRISTmas season. And include a variety of surprises for him! Your man is uniquely designed, so he might want something as simple as . . . homemade taffy. . . clipping his toenails. . .  or a scalp massage. . . (all things my husband has never asked for. . . and probably wouldn’t waste his gifts certificate on!!! :D)

But. . . some men love that kind of special attention, and that is the fun of gift certificates — making them personal and unique! So, here are just a few ideas, but set the timer for five minutes and come up with a dozen of your own. And for fun, come over to my facebook page and list some of the wackiest things to ever appear on a gift certificate (and like me on Facebook while you’re there — Merry Christmas to me!)

Simple & FUN ideas for your gift certificates:

  • Footrub
  • Backrub
  • Something. . .  by candlelight
  • Sinfully indulgent dessert
  • Friday fun! (his choice!)
  • Saturday fun!
  • Anyday fun!!!
  • Help with a project
  • Biscuits and gravy (or a man-size breakfast!)
  • His favorite dinner
  • Romance in the moonlight. . . his pick

You can give him a Christmas he’ll never forget!

It’s a gift that keeps on giving! And remember that it is more blessed to give than to receive — but you might discover that some gifts you give, end up being a gift to yourself!

Here is a site that allows you to create your custom printable gift certificates. Here’s another!

Have fun!


About the Author

Shari Popejoy
Shari Popejoy is the author of the book Won Without Words, and the blog Won Without Words, encouragement to wives. She writes the Livingstone Library, an adventure series for young people, and the blog Oh Joy!, (injoyinc.com/oh/) for busy moms. She is a frequent contributor to Christian print and online magazines, and writes from the quiet country of the Ozarks, where she lives with her husband, Marc, and their three children. You can find out all about her at sharipopejoy.com!


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