We’ve been talking about the stretching out (the Hebrew word teshuwqah from Genesis 3:16 — read more about it in this earlier post) that a woman endures throughout a lifetime in marriage. So, what is so important about stretching yourself? How can we see the benefit of being stretched out?

Three words: strength, power and endurance. That’s the result of stretching yourself!

When a muscle is worked, it increases in size and strength, which creates the potential for power and endurance. Strength is the maximum force that your muscle can develop. Power depends on strength exerted at a specific time; (force x distance)/time. Endurance is your ability to sustain your strength repeatedly for a longer time.

You develop strength in the muscle, by actually injuring the muscle as you work it, creating tiny beneficial tears in the tissue. As your body naturally repairs these tiny tears, a stronger muscle is produced. Then when needed, strength is available so that the muscle can produce powerful work, or endure for a long laborious task.

Exercise is just another form of stress to which your body adapts. Likewise, your marriage is just another form of stress to which your body adapts, making you stronger, more powerful, and able to endure. As you work at your marriage, pushing through the hard times, enduring the rough moments, you are strengthening yourself and your marriage, just like exercise strengthens your muscles and your body.

Next time we’ll talk about how stretching can help your marriage.

Meanwhile, see if you can still touch those toes!


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