Ever have a day when nothing is going right? Where you can’t even find the to-do list? Where getting dressed seems like it’s going to be the biggest thing you accomplish?

And all the failures just seem to be blaring and glaring. And their clamor speaks to you and defines who you are.

Well, it’s not true. The mess is lying. You are not dirty dishes, cluttered living spaces and dirty laundry! You are not grumpy kids, unfinished tasks and frayed feelings.

You are so much more than what you accomplish. You are more than the sum of your inadequacies.

But sometimes the noise of the nothing drowns out the whisper of the winsome wooing of wonderful.

So, if your day is ruined — if you’ve already blown it for today — if you failed to be perfect — if you are hopelessly behind — if you can’t seem to pull it all together. . . well then throw in the towel.

Seriously. Throw it in the dryer and get it all warm. Then turn on the heating pad to keep the towel toasty warm. Light some candles, turn on some music. Tell the kids that chores, and homework, and life as they know it is canceled for an hour, and they get free time, as long as it is quiet. If you hear any noise, then it’s time for extra math problems.

Get something to drink — preferably something that can go in your favorite mug, or in a fancy goblet (the personality of the vessel is the key). Get your favorite snack (preferably fruit — but don’t overlook the chocolate!).

Run a tub of steaming hot water.

And then submerge your failures. Drown them. Silence them in the warm waves. Banish them in the bubbles.

Oh, what a new outlook on life you will have, if you just throw in the towel, and give in to the failure.

What do you have to lose? The day was wasted already!

And chances are, that when you rise from the watery grave, after you have drowned your failures, you will arise with a new baptism of renewal, a second chance to redeem this day. It’s a fresh start, a new beginning, and you are now wonderfully able to face it!

There is something about wrapping yourself in a warm towel, breathing the aroma of a cleansing bath, to give you a new perspective. And the silence — oh, the beautiful sound of silence! It quiets your spirit to hear the shouts of joy of a new moment. Fresh. Undisturbed.

It’s a fresh moment just waiting to be ruined! Because ruined is okay. It’s pristine virgin snow waiting to be ruined with footprints — but the trampling speaks of boisterous fun. It’s muddy footprints across a clean floor that speaks of life and messy love. It’s clothes strewn across the floor by a boy — a wonderful boyish boy. It’s dirty dishes that speak of full stomachs.

Oh, what glory is a marvelously messed up day! But sometimes you can only truly appreciate the marvelous mess after you throw in the towel and drown perfection, and let it all float away, down, down, down the drain!

Hope you have a perfectly ruined day!

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