Have you been wondering what to get your husband for Christmas?

Instead of buying him a tie or a drill or a sweater that will become next year’s winner in the Ugly Sweater Contest. . . try something new this year!

Here’s a fun idea for lovers!

Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas by giving more personal gifts to your lover — gifts that you can share together for twelve days straight!

Gary Chapman says there are five love languages,  and everyone has a language that they like to hear: physical touch, acts of service, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time.

Even if you don’t know which is your favorite, or haven’t figured out your husband’s language, any of these languages are spoken fluently by lovers!

So, I’m going to give you some quick ideas in the next five minutes, that will just get you started — you will be able to come up with your own creative gift ideas. You might even decide to make this your new favorite annual Christmas tradition!

  1. Buy a CD of romantic songs and dance with your husband.
  2. Give him a gift bag with lotion and gift certificates to be redeemed for foot rubs or back rubs.
  3. Buy (and light) a candle — and do something fun and romantic by candlelight.
  4. Buy some new lingerie — no instructions included!
  5. Buy a bottle of sparkling grape juice and some festive goblets and celebrate your love.
  6. Buy an ice bucket if you don’t have one — fill it with celebratory moments often!
  7. Cover yourselves with bows, and then unwrap each other to some festive Christmas music. Ho Ho Ho!
  8. String some holiday lights over your bed and throughout the bedroom, and enjoy the new ambient mood lighting. Ooh — ambient just sounds romantic!!
  9. Buy a book of love poems, and read him one.
  10. Take a drive and go watch the Christmas lights; take a thermos of coffee or hot cocoa, and a warm blanket. Take the long way home, and get lost on a deserted road!
  11. Get him a Santa Hat, and play, “I saw Mommy kissing Santa”
  12. Greet him clothed in a Christmas scarf and Christmas socks — jingling all the way!

Every day, he’ll be wondering what’s in his stocking! It’s a fun way to keep laughter and romance in the holidays, and it won’t break the bank either. Trust me, he’ll like it much more than that shelving unit you’ve been eyeballing!

So, get your Santa thinking cap on, because the Twelve Days of Christmas begin soon!