Time. It’s a measurement of how we spin in space. It’s how we identify ourselves in relationship to our surroundings. So, time is simply a measurement of how fast we spin in space, relative to our surroundings.

Take away the spinning, the going in circles, and our idea of time stops.

Then what? What if time stopped? What if you were left alone in a moment of time, a slice of eternity frozen for a moment in a bubble containing — just you.

Who are you if there is no TIME making demands on you? Who are you in the moment when there are no children clamoring for attention? Who are you if there are no household chores to complete? Who are you if there is no employer time clock, no civic obligations, no church responsibilities, no family covenants encroaching on your TIME?

Do you know what you would be with no earthly time constraints? You would be momentarily suspended in the eternal moment with I AM. You would be in the present tense just like God is. No differentiation between past, present, future. . . simply existing. . . in the am.

God is always I AM. (Exodus 3:14) Present tense.

Do you know what I want most in the new year? Instead of spending more time doing anything — I want to suspend more time.

I want to suspend TIME and spend more moments in the I AM. I want to abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I want to rest like a weaned child in the embrace of my Father. I want to walk in the light. I want to abide in the vine. I want to drink living water. I want to feast on the bread of life.

It’s TIME.

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