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December 20, 2011

Countdown #15; Fickle Feelings

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Written by: Shari Popejoy
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Don’t you just love those moments when the children are getting along, and the house is warm and cozy, and everyone is happy and healthy, and all is right with the world? Your children are adorable and sweet. Your husband is adorable and sweet. The cat is adorable and sweet. Life is good!

And then there are those moments when you come home from a long day at work, and trip over the trash that someone forgot to take out, and you can’t even find a clean dish to begin dinner with, and the children are bickering, and that man who always seems to have time to play golf or video games, just can’t seem to find time to pick his socks up off the floor. . . and does anyone else know how to transfer clothes from the washing machine to the dryer? And the cat. . .  whose idea was it to get a pet?

What happened to those warm fuzzy feelings?

Well, feelings are as fickle as the weather. They come and go, get cold and hot, rail with hurricane force, blow breezily across perfect summer days, and bring the chill of blizzards – and the beauty of the first winter snow.

So, if feelings are so fickle, what do we do with them?

  • We put up with them, like we put up with the weather. We realize that feelings will change sometimes as quickly as weather – and perhaps quicker if we react correctly. We have faith that it won’t always be cloudy – the sun will shine again. We get through the dreary days of winter until it’s spring again!
  • We dress for the weather. We take a look at the forecast and dress accordingly. We take a jacket if it’s going to get chilly, we add or remove layers.  Same with feelings — we make time for a quiet cup of tea or a hot bath when we need to ‘throw in the towel‘. We don’t provoke an argument when we’re feeling antagonistic — we do the world a favor and take a time out! If we’re hungry and cranky, and our blood sugar level is down — don’t have an earnest discussion about the division of household duties!
  • We take the proper tools, ice scraper, umbrella, deicer to help us be successful with the weather. Same with feelings — protect your tender feelings. When you’re sensitive and easily provoked — or feeling a little frigid, get away for awhile, and wrap your tender feelings in a nice big fluffy coat of protection — until you get warmed up again.

Don’t turn into a twister of a tornado when you’re in a mood! Protect your loved ones from your stormy weather. The skies will clear up soon! And if we can use a soft answer in the midst of tension, then the warm fuzzy feelings come back sooner!

I sense a change in the weather! Blue skies smiling on us all! Check the forecast!


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