That little white baton seems magical. Bippity Boppity Boo! Just wave it and beautiful music ascends from the orchestra pit.

But it’s not magic. The conductor isn’t just waving his arms gracefully in the air, hoping that he weaves a tapestry of musical strands.

He sets the beat, keeping the rhythm going.

He cues the instruments, bringing their tones to life, then silencing them with a motion.

He creates ebb and flow as the music rises and swells like the waves of the ocean.

He causes the musicians to thunder with their instruments, and to soothe with their decrescending diminuendos.

The conductor creates music. An emotion. A mood. A story. Beautiful sound waves that touch the heart.

He takes many different members, playing many different instruments, taking inanimate objects of wood or brass, filling them with the breath of life, singing with the soul of the musician, all following the genius talent of the conductor, who brings to life the heart and soul of the composer, calling from death to life, rebirthing from dots on a page, a feeling, an emotion, a story.

Have you ever considered that you are the orchestra conductor in your home? You have the ability to turn the wood and glass of the frame of your house into a haven of security and happiness. You take inanimate objects and weave a wonderful aroma of home that wraps around those who enter in, who seek out your haven, who find respite in the arms of your opus of open heart.

You’ve experienced this orchestration of Christmas through the years. That’s why it feels so special at this time of year. There is an aura of love that surrounds the world, wrapping it in an orchestra of awe, and you can do the same thing with your home. You are the conductor.  You create the mood. You can bring beautiful melodies from all the members of the band!

Wave your baton and weave a tapestry of warmth and welcome in your home. Create soothing sounds of a symphony of celebration. Wrap your world in harmonious tones of a happy home. Forget the clamor, discord and dissonant sounds that compete for your attention, and choose a song that lifts you all from the humdrum and inharmonious.

You are the conductor. The music will play however you arrange it.

If you want loud, blaring, clashing cymbals — you got it!

If you want tender melodious refrains — direct it!

May you experience the harmony and perfection of beautiful music in your home this CHRISTmas, and may you find the perfect score as you follow the Master Conductor in your musical selection!

Strike up the band!


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