How would you like to take a trip of 100 days of encouragement to a greater marriage?

Last year, after Valentine’s Day, some friends and I journeyed for 100 days on the way to my anniversary in June, with daily encouraging tips, marriage enhancement ideas, and just general challenges to be a better wife.

We’re going to do it again. Wanna come along?

Yay! I hoped so! And since a road trip is more fun with friends, invite a friend or two to ride along with you. Grab your mom, or a sister, a friend, or a co-worker, and let’s take the trip together!

First thing on the itinerary is to sign up. Click this blue link, which will take you to a Facebook Page for the 100 Days To My Anniversary. Click the like button, and then after the New Year, we’ll get packing and prepare for our trip!

So, who’s coming with us?

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