What if this was the last day in your present location?

What if you were heading out for a long road trip, and not coming back for awhile?

What if it was your last day at the office?

Preparation mode is an exciting motivator. It changes your perspective. There is a special hope that accompanies a change in location.

I bet you could clear your desk or pack a bag to throw in the car in less than thirty minutes if the incentive was great enough!

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you on a highway headed nowhere? Is your marriage taking the UNscenic route? Do you find yourself on a bumpy road? Are you lost and going in circles?

Is it a great trip, but you’d like to stop and smell the roses, or need a few more personal stops, or need to stop and freshen up the snacks or stretch your legs on this metaphorical meandering mode of traveling through life with a husband that we call marriage?

Or is EVERYTHING GREAT, but you’d like to laugh with some fun girlfriends as we learn to enjoy our man as our lifelong mate? Need a road trip!

Well, join us on our road trip in the New Year! It’s going to be a blast!

Between Valentines Day and my anniversary, we’re going on a 100 Day trip to a greater marriage with daily marriage enrichment tips, challenges, and a good dose of daily encouragement.

I hope that you fill your car with your best girlfriends and come along! Go over here to join the fun.