Hey! Guess what? It’s only 152 days to my anniversary!

And I hope that you are planning to join me and lots of other great women as we purpose to spend a few quiet moments each morning pondering our marriage, and setting our hearts on finding God’s best, even if that means sacrificing our own self-will, and crushing our fleshly desires. . . and in the end, after 100 days of investing a few minutes each day, and taking a few little baby steps together, we’ll have traveled to a beautiful destination of peace in our home, intimacy with our husband, increased respect and devotion, and all that brings to a woman’s heart — satisfaction, contentment, security, beauty.

So, are you ready to join me on the road trip of a lifetime as we journey together 100 Days to my Anniversary?

Days pass so quickly.

Before we know it, Valentines Day will have come and gone, and then the first robin will appear and Easter and Mother’s Day and Memorial Day will be over. . . and then I’ll celebrate my anniversary and the trip will be over.

And what do we have in exchange for the passage of time? As the old song says. . . another day older and deeper in debt? Or. . . a greater marriage!

So, go over to my Facebook page and sign up, share the link, and then ask a couple of your best girlfriends to come along and help you be accountable as you take this journey together.

Our journey begins a few days after Valentines Day and goes until June 2nd. Every day I’ll post a marriage-enhancing tip on my blog, and if you want, we can encourage each other on the Facebook Page. And best of all, we’ll have had a great trip, seen some interesting sites, had a great time with some awesome people, and be more satisfied with our marriage!

It’s time to get our itinerary in order! Go sign up!