Many big things can occur in the space of 100 days. . . days that you barely notice slipping by. . . unless you’re doing something awesome.

A rabbit can give birth to two litters of little kits.

You can go from frigid winter to blooming spring.

You could lose 120 pounds with the Biggest Loser.

And a fruit fly could produce like 978,936,773,298,374,987* baby fruit flies — give or take a few!

Or. . . maybe in 100 days you could rejuvenate your marriage!

Do you think that consecrating one hundred days to focusing on your marriage, loving your spouse, praying for God to bless this covenant could possibly make a difference?


I hope that you will begin to pray about joining us for the 100 Days to my Anniversary journey that we’re going to begin after Valentine’s Day, and continue through my anniversary at the beginning of June.

The journey might just change your relationship, and at the very least will be a LOT of fun!

Each day, I’ll post an encouraging reflection about marriage, with perhaps a new way to consider an old conflict, or a reminder to love your husband, or just a fun way to plan a romantic date for your husband. In the amount of time it takes to drink your morning warmth — you might kindle a coal that breaks into a flame of romance!

Go to the Facebook page to sign up for the challenge!

*This is a completely random number based on the fact that fruit flies can lay 500 eggs by the time they are 8 days old. . . do the math!

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