Yes, that annoyingly amazing man.

You picked him. Now you’ve got to live with him.

Did you ever consider that marriage is just one big trick that God designed to continue the propagation of the species?

Well, yes. But it’s so much more than that. He also said, “It is VERY GOOD.”

If He said it, I believe it.

Unfortunately, the old saying good things come to those who wait, is true.

Marriage doesn’t start getting really good. ..  until maybe it’s been really bad. . . or maybe fifteen years or so. . .  maybe less for you. I’m not sure when it really started getting good. Probably when I finally gave up trying to understand him, and just started asking God to give me some advice.

And He did. I wrote down every lesson He gave me, and last year I pulled out that dusty old file and turned it into a one-hundred day journey of marriage enhancing tips that I called 100 Days To My Anniversary! We did that together on the blog between Valentines Day and our anniversary in June. And I’m modifying it for this year — we’re doing it again! Hope you come along!

Marriage takes work, but you get a better return on your investment than you will find anywhere. He might be ornery and obstinate. And you might be whiny and weird. Who knows for sure who is the most annoying of the two of you? We could fight about it all day :D!

Or, we could go on a journey together and learn:

And in the process we might find that we never really knew that man as well as we thought we did. We might discover some interesting things about that man. We might find that there is more that we ever dreamed deep within. . . or we might find that he’s not as complicated as we thought.

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