Have you ever considered how blessed you are? You, the wife of a godly man. Safe and warm in the embrace of the covering of a Christian man.

Has it ever crossed your mind to wonder what it feels like to flounder in the ocean of alone, trying to hang onto a plank of sodden hopes,  trying to keep yourself afloat, while you desperately cling to the children to keep the waves from casting them away. . . or worse?

Can you even imagine what it feels like to brave the elements alone? To shiver in the cold dark despair of spiritual uncertainty? To wish for a covering, someone to spread their blanket of protection, or to cuddle up comfortingly to share their warmth of spiritual union and intimacy?It’s cold and lonely in the darkness of spiritually alone.

How it must have warmed Ruth when Boaz spread his blanket over her that dark night on the threshing floor*.

It must have been like a dream, to really wonder if it was true.  Is it true? Will I not be alone in the dark anymore? Is there really a kinsman redeemer to protect and provide — for me? She didn’t have to figure it all out by herself anymore. She didn’t have to cull the corners for castoffs. There was hope for one alone in the dark.

When you’ve been alone in the dark for so long, it is hard to remember that there is light, that there is morning, that there is joy in the morning.

Won’t you be the Naomi to someone who is alone in the darkness of spiritual inequality, or unhappily married, or one who just needs a ray of hope in the dark?

Be the one who says,

Bathe and dress and go to the threshing floor, and lay yourself down at the feet of the Redeemer. He will spread His covering over you. He will share His warmth on a cold night. He will take care of it all in the morning. You are not alone in the dark.

Will you do three things right now?

  1. Pray that God would remind you of one of His daughters who is lonely right now in her marriage.
  2. Invite your sister to take the 100 Day Challenge to a greater marriage with you. Be a little vulnerable and tell her that you need a friend to join you . . . let her be the one to do you the favor . . . as you throw her the lifeline she so desperately needs today. . .
  3. Get her to take a first step of commitment on this journey and sign up on the Facebook page for 100 Days To My Anniversary so we can all take this journey together.

Don’t leave her alone in the dark. There is hope.

*found in the Romance of Ruth — in the Old Testament!

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