narcissistic:  having an undue fascination with oneself — an “I” problem!

I — I– I– I’m not narcissistic. Really I’m not!

This whole 100 Days To My Anniversary is not just about me getting a group of girls together in order to gain momentum for my big celebration for twenty-eight years of staying married to one man. Woo hoo!

And it’s not about starting really early to drop hints so that my husband won’t forget my our special day.

It really just happened (as happenstances often do), as just a coincidental reference to the calendar after Valentines Day 2011, and a realization that it was 100 days to my anniversary. . . and wouldn’t it be nice to commit to one hundred days of encouragement for wives on the blog. . .

And it was. Nice.

So nice that we’re doing it again for 2012!

But, the important thing to realize is that my is a personal pronoun. When you tell all your friends about this exciting challenge of  100 Days to My Anniversary, don’t say something like, “Yeah, I’m following this woman’s blog, and we’re going to spend one hundred days getting ready for her anniversary . .  or something. . . I think she’s narcissistic. . .”

Instead, when you say with excitement and anticipation, “Yeah! I’m participating in this one hundred day challenge to a greater marriage called 100 days to MY anniversary!” Well then, you make it personal with that personal pronoun. In fact, my is a possessive form of a personal pronoun — now we’re really getting narcissistic! Now, it’s all about YOUR anniversary! That’s right!

Because no matter when the actual date is, your anniversary occurs some time this year, too! And this one hundred day journey can be a trip of a lifetime as we spend time reflecting on marriage, and praying about our marriage, and preparing our heart and our home to celebrate this important relationship!

Every day of this journey between now and June, I’ll post a blog article.

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