Doesn’t it feel delicious to enjoy a cup of morning warmth?

Whether your choice is a jolting mug of java, or a delicate blend of perfectly timed tea leaves steeping in your china cup — there is something about cupping that warmth in the palm of your hands, and raising it to your lips, and inhaling the steaming savoriness!

The morning just isn’t the same without that moment of warmth!

Do you like to add a moment of heart warmth to that brief respite? Do you like to meditate on wisdom or words of encouragement while you’re breathing in your morning warmth?

Consider something new for one hundred days after Valentine’s Day for your morning devotional and morning warmth. Plan to take a few minutes — just long enough for your morning warmth to cool enough to enjoy, and join with a group of women for some encouragement in our marriages.

We’re taking a one-hundred-day journey to a better marriage!

Click here to join us. And for joining, I’ll put your name in a drawing to receive this handy morning warmth container!* I’ll announce the winner on Valentine’s Day!

As the contents of my mug cool — the morning warmth is transferred to my soul — only dregs remain in the bottom of the cup — a testament to my morning respite of solace. Ahhhhh!! It’s going to be a great day!

* This prize has been awarded, and the drawing is closed.

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