Well, if you’ve looked at the calendar lately, you know that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Since this blog features encouragement for wives, chances are that roses, cards and chocolate have been on your mind — more accurately — whether your husband will observe the day.

Let me remind you that February 14 is just another day on the calendar. Although it is lovely for our husband to think about us fondly, and express his love to us in tangible ways that give us that nice warm fuzzy feeling — whether or not he successfully wows us on Valentine’s Day is not necessarily an indication of his love (or lack thereof).

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Mainly, I just want to encourage you to create your very own personal Day of Love! Tell your husband how much you love him in a card, or preferably with whispered words of affirmation — or don’t use any words at all, and speak a language he really understands!

Express your love to him in a way that he understands — and make sure he gets the message. Love is beautiful. Love your husband, and create loving moments together. That’s more fun than chocolate and roses!

Hoping you have a beautiful time(s) of telling your husband how much you love him (and you won’t be a bit disappointed this Valentine’s Day!)