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Here is tip #2:

Let laughter break down the walls of silent loneliness; bridge the chasm of alienation with a smile.

Your countenance has great power — almost as much power as your attitude, since your face reflects your attitude as much as the moon reflects the sun.

Years ago. . . I was nursing my infant daughter . . . and I was taking advantage of the quiet moment to worry about some dire dilemma (that was so important that I can’t remember it now). As I intently stared off into nothing, I noticed that she had stopped nursing, and glancing down to check on her, I was amused to see her little brow furrowed, with an intense scowl on her baby face as she stared at me.  I burst into laughter at her funny little face, and immediately her scowl dissolved, and the glare was replaced by a grin.

She was merely mirroring my attitude by mimicking my countenance, as surely as the moon, (having no light of its own), reflects the sun. I decided to give her a more sunny example!

Our attitude sets the tone in our home, and our face reflects the song our heart is singing. . . or crying. . . or yelling. . . or screeching. Our family needs the light of our happiness, joy and peace. If we set the mood, they’ll follow us and soon be reflecting our attitude through the whole house!

Here’s our challenge for today:

Put a couple mirrors in strategic locations today, and glance at them often.  See what attitude you’re reflecting.  If you put a smile on your face, your heart will follow suit, and you might be amazed at the effect you have on your husband and family!

Put on a happy face!


Tea tepid? If not, you have time to do some journal jotting with us!

  1. Is it possible that you have so much power over your home simply by the countenance of your face? Don’t believe it? — Just try it for one day! What do you think will happen if you are gloriously happy (and you know it clap your hands); write down whether you think it will make a difference, and then tomorrow follow-up and write what actually happened.
  2. Smile at yourself in the mirror. You deserve it. Does that make you uncomfortable to give yourself a smile of approval? Why? You and your family deserve the blessing of your smile and your approval.
  3. Read Romans 8:38-39. Nothing can separate you from the love of God, and nothing can separate you from that silly grin on your face either! It’s your right to smile at your family and to enjoy them today! Write down three things about your family that make you happy.

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