Hmmm.  Can it be?  A woman can think with both sides of the brain. . . at once –hence woman’s intuition.  (This is a function of a more highly active corpus callosum that connects both hemispheres of the brain — I know — it’s fascinating — and you will want to research it further!).

Men are generally more linear in their thinking, and they think one thought at a time.  When that thought is finished, then a new thought can be processed.

Sounds like a man’s brain is not as highly functioning as a woman’s brain. . . but that’s just my highly active corpus callosum jumping to a quick assessment!

You can kinda see this how this difference works in how he operates differently than you do.  He does one thing at a time.  If he has cookies in the oven — he stands by the oven until each batch has baked.  He even parents differently. If he’s giving the kids a bath, he doesn’t run down to put a load of laundry in the dryer, keeping one ear on the kids, and knowing children can’t drown while they are yelling and splashing — and as long as CPR is initiated within a few minutes. . . all right.  . . that was a bad joke. . . never leave small children unattended in a bathtub.

But the fact is that we women use our highly advanced brains to multi-task.  We have to, or we’d never get it all finished.  We have to listen to Suzie’s math facts, while listening for the spray of the shower to make sure Mikey isn’t faking his personal hygiene, while stirring the gravy, with the dishwasher going, the washing machine spinning, the potatoes boiling, listening for the dog to come back in from his break in the backyard, and reading a text message, while downloading a computer program.

I used to think my husband was holding out on me when he said he wasn’t thinking anything. . . but it is true.  A man can actually be thinking . . . nothing!  I know.  It seems impossible.  What a luxury!!!

He also needs plenty of time to process information.

So, here is Tip #17:

If you want to talk about something important that he needs to consider. . . .give him plenty of time to think about it.

Maybe days, if necessary.  He needs time to consider new information; don’t demand an immediate reply.  He’s not being obstinate or contrary.  He really just needs to think about, reflect and properly consider new information.

And by the way, he really isn’t brain-damaged.  He is fearfully and wonderfully made.  The beauty of the differences of the genders is awesome. A child needs a father and a mother because we both approach challenges differently.  What wonderful teamwork when the gifts and talents of both partners are utilized — double brain power!

And one extra little tidbit — I kind of think it is woman who is more apt to appear brain-damaged —

  • We tend to think we are always right, with no foundational evidence!
  • We cannot always see the big picture, but are swamped in the details.
  • We think that our perspective is right. . . just because we think so. . .  just ask us.
  • We tend to be impulsive and rely on intuition instead of logic, coming up with a solution in seconds, with no evidentiary  explanation.  No wonder he shakes his head in wonder!

The marvelous advanced circuitry of the female mind!

Vive la difference!

Think about one of these!

  1. Do some journal jotting and write down how your husband’s brain causes him to approach household duties or parenting differently than you.
  2. Write down something you admire about the way your husband’s brain works.
  3. Write down how the differences in how you and your husband approach problems differently can be advantageous in your marriage.