Today’s is a simple tip, taken from the Good Wife Manual of Proverbs 31.

“She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.  Proverbs 31:12

Some translations say she does him good. Others say she brings him good. Guess we should look at the original Hebrew!

The Hebrew word for the word bring used in this verse is gamal, and is a verb that means to pay in full. It is the same verb used to describe the completion of weaning a child.

This verse doesn’t refer to a list of actions that she does as a fulfillment of a duty, but something she offers as completion of a commission.  Remember the difference between do and be?

Have you ever really  thought about the end result of the work of a nursing mother?  She begins with this tiny, frail, helpless babe, and when she has fulfilled her duty and weaned him —  gamal, he is a toddler, a big boyish baby, full of boundless energy, curious and uncontainable.  She has nourished him with the sustenance of her life’s energy, and on that diet alone, he becomes a roly, poly, fat-cheeked, bundle of bouncing, boomeranging boyishness.

Likewise, according to scripture, a wife is to fulfill her commitment to her husband — she is to bring him good.  She marries a self-confident, strong, ambitious youth, and when she fulfills her commitment to him by nourishing him with her goodness, he becomes a wise, patient, understanding, moral man — if — she brings him good.

And what is this good she is to bring him?

  • Towb
  • Welfare
  • Prosperity (of man’s sensuous nature)
  • Happiness
  • Benefit
  • Moral good
  • Bounty
  • Agreeable (to the senses)
  • Understanding (of man’s intellectual nature)
  • Good (ethical)
  • Good in every sense.  Physically, mentally, morally, spiritually.

And what is she not to bring him?  Harm — Ra. Bad, disagreeable, malignant, displeasing, sad, unkind (in disposition), evil, distress, adversity, wicked (ethically), misery, distress.

Today’s challenge:

Bring good to your husband.  In an act of acknowledgment of the good you are to bring him all the days of his life, this present day — today, bring him something that is good.

Bring him some good news, bring a smile to his face, bring him a cool drink, bring him some fresh-baked bread or cookies, bring him a warm welcome and sweet embrace.  Today — this present day, bring him some happiness in this sometimes weary, mundane world of work and woe.

You are a life-giving and life-sustaining force, that God created to be very good!

Some more good stuff!

  1. Read Genesis 1:31. What did God say after he had created woman, the completion of His creation?  “It was very good,” — towb.
  2. Make a list of three good things you could do for your husband today — then do them!
  3. Sometimes being good to others begins with being good to yourself. Take a moment and bring some good to yourself. Treat yourself to some goodness, and then share your goodness with your husband!