Spring is coming.  The birds are singing.  The sun is shining.  Find something fun to do today!  You need joy and laughter and fun in your marriage.

Sometimes the daily routine of mundane existence creeps in and takes over, and like well-oiled machines we perform those jobs efficiently and expertly.  That’s fine, but every now and then, you need to kick off your shoes and dance while the grass tickles your toes and your hair is streaked with sunlight!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones.  Proverbs 17:22

The bills and the concerns and the frustrations will always be there.  You’ll never get all the chores finished.  The dust bunnies will wait for you to chase them down another day!

Here’s your challenge for today:

Find something fun to do today.  Get a merry heart!

If your husband is busy, have fun on your own, and then be his happy and I-had-a-great-day wife when he comes home!  There’s more than one way to share fun together  (you can either be together at the moment of the fun, or together, you can share the result of the fun, which is a cheerful, restful, contented spirit).

So . . .

  • Scatter some wildflower seeds today
  • Tuck a daffodil behind your ear
  • Try to identify some birds
  • Take a power walk
  • Spread out a blanket and read a book
  • Go to the park and swing as high as you can
  • Get an ice cream cone
  • Put up a bird house
  • At the very least, open the windows and “Sing Sweet Nightingale” or “Whistle While Your Work”, like Cinderella while you mop the floor and do your chores!

Have a merry day!

Join me for some journal jotting:

  1. And if today simply won’t work for some fun times, then take one quick minute, and jot down five different things you wish you were doing today instead — and first chance you get — do one of them!
  2. Pick a day on your calendar and make an appointment with yourself, and write in big letters what you are going to do: ICE CREAM CONE 😀
  3. Create a fun jar with a dozen or so different things that could be accomplished at any moment of the day. When you are stressed or sad — reach in your hand and pull out a moment of fun! (Tickle your child, eat a cookie, take your shoes off and let the grass tickle your toes, pat your head and rub your tummy. . . get creative!)