Hey Lady, thanks for joining us on this road trip to a greater marriage! We’re already a quarter of the way to my anniversary, so I thought I’d celebrate this mile marker of our one hundred day journey with a personal entry.

Would you like to hear the story of how the Won Without Words journey began?

One day many years ago, I knelt by the side of my bed and prayed in desperation with a faith that was fervent, effectual, unswerving, and single-minded. . . according to James 1:5-8,

“Your word says that you will give wisdom to those who ask, and I’m not getting up until you give me an answer for my marriage.”

Those two little girls playing with their dolls down the hall were going to have to make do, because I was completely serious — and desperate. Like the woman who grasped the garment of Jesus, I had hold of the hem, and I wasn’t letting go.  And, miraculously, according to the truth of the scriptures, a lesson was whispered into my soul, and it was verbatim to the challenge we did on day one and two of our journey!

Let laughter break down the walls of silent loneliness; bridge the chasm of alienation with a smile.

I didn’t make it up.  One moment my mind was blank as I was waiting for an answer.  The next, this phrase was echoing through the empty corridors of my mind, and I quickly wrote it in my journal before the echo faded back to nothingness.  I didn’t just write it down.  I enacted it. And, each time I prayed for wisdom, another lesson was whispered, and I wrote it down, and enacted it, until I had over forty lessons, and a miraculously changed marriage.

These lessons became the catalyst to write Won Without Words — which in its original manuscript, was a lengthy, deeply theological compilation of many of these lessons.  When the test readers were unable to finish the volume of material, I  put the manuscript in a folder, kept the title, but started over with a blank page, writing a conversational book to my Christian sisters about the principle of I Peter 3:1.  You can read that journal style conversation for yourself in my book, Won Without Words.

But, God always has a perfect season for every harvest, and now He has led me back to that old file of lessons, and I’ve blown the dust off, and He has breathed new life into the very lessons that breathed life into my marriage those years ago, and it has become this one hundred day journey, which is now available in print and by e-book!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope that you find encouragement for your marriage through these same lessons. And would you join me for a cup of tea this morning over at my Facebook page? Come over and comment — I’d love to meet you!

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