Yesterday I told you there was an enemy, and it’s not your husband.

Today’s challenge:  Recognize the true enemy

There is a force of evil on this earth that roams around seeking to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  Christian marriage are especially susceptible, because evil hates love; dark hates light. If Christian marriages are destroyed, then the godly seed is damaged (Malachi 2:15).

The easiest way for darkness to overtake light in the heart of a child is to destroy the marriage, disrupt their peaceful childhoods, introduce bitterness, despair, fear, loneliness, and dissension into a world that is supposed to be idyllic.

This might sound all supernatural and good vs. evil movie material or pious propaganda, but simply look at history, look around at the world, look at the families you know.  Look, and you might notice that there is a force that destroys.

Look at the cute little bunny hopping across the yard, before the loping, sweet, loyal dog reaches out his huge paws, clenches it in his jaws, and inhales Peter Cottontail.  What?!

Our dog is a huge, horse of a canine.  He is sweet.  He is loyal.  He is obedient.   And there is a nature within him that overrides that at times. His nature makes him chase that rabbit, snatch it, and pulverize it. . . and yet, when the cat runs across the yard, and he starts to chase it, suddenly he stops, as though he realizes that we love that cat, and his love for us causes him to stop before his jaws crush that cute kitty.

How does he know we love that cat?  How does he know that he can eat the rabbit, but not the kitty?

I don’t know. But it sure looks like within creation is a knowingness that longs for a higher, better, plan — that remembers from way back generations ago that there was a garden, that there perfection. (Romans 8:22)  And we know it, too, in our hearts — and long for it again.

And the enemy is not our husband, or his faults, or his fallen human nature, but our common enemy is the one who can destroy the soul (Matthew 10:28), lead it in chains to a place of darkness, torment it with despair, loneliness and dismay, throw it in the dungeon of the castle that was meant to be filled with love, and light, and giggles and flowers.  And the dungeon is locked and the door is blocked with a wicked dragon who breathes fire and brimstone.

Who shall free us from the wicked prison of this human nature?  Thanks be to God, Jesus Christ has done it already (Romans 7:24), and nothing shall separate us from his love (Romans 8:35).  It is the love of God that breaks the chains, that frees the prisoners, that redeems us from the curse.

Monday —  a list of the specific instructions on how to deal with the evil that lurks in the castle. For now, just look at your husband as part of creation, who (like you), longs for redemption, hopes for a love that is all consuming, yearns for a joy unspeakable. I hope that you are able to enjoy some sublime love together today!

Love that man!!