Somehow my Friday post didn’t get posted yesterday. . . and since I don’t want to overload you with two marriage tips today, I thought I’d surprise you with a Saturday Grapevine! If you’re new to the blog, you might not know about our special Saturday rendezvous in the grape arbor! It’s code word for tending the metaphorical grapevine of the emotional and physical intimacy of our marriage. You can read some of the older posts here.

The Saturday Grapevine is a place to relax in the shade of the arbor, reflect on the delicious flavors that expressing love to our husband takes, and celebrating the satisfying and abundant fruit of a healthy relationship!

So, what does a man really want?

Sure, he wants loyalty, affection, respect, three square meals a day. . . but is that enough to keep a healthy robust man happy?


A man craves physical intimacy with his wife as much as she craves emotional intimacy with him.

We were created to fulfill each other with rapturous expressions of love and intimacy. Yep!

If that fulfillment is not happening on a regular basis (whatever defines regular for both of you!), then frustration, temptation, dysfunction and alienation might occur.

Only the two of you can explore what this means for you together. Husband and wife truly make love — create love —  take mundane moments, and create LOVE in them. Ever wonder why they call it making love?!

I hope that you find new ways to express your love to him — that aren’t predictable or rehearsed or calculated. Take a moment, and begin to tell him in many different ways how much you love him . . .

It’s what he really wants!